50m Nigerian voters line up for Owuru presidency


Owuru Presidential Campaign Organisation, OPCD, has announced that the welfarist policies of the Hope Democratic Party, HDP, had galvanised not less than 50 million prospective Nigerian voters to queuing behind its presidential candidate, High Chief Ambrose Owuru, in the forthcoming 2019 general elections in the country.

In a press release signed by Yusufu Ibrahim Esq. on behalf of the director of publicity of the organisation, through which it wished Nigerians a happy New Year, the campaign organisation disclosed that the 50 million votes pledged to the Owuru presidential ambition came mostly from its teeming supporters and poor Nigerians who had given express approval to the wealth distribution and welfarist policies of Chief Owuru.

“It is heartwarming to note that at present, we have so far received over 50 million pledged votes from our teeming supporters of the welfarist and wealth redistribution policies taking off after the successful polls from February 16, 2019, that will guarantee a minimum of N2 million investment funds for all families in Nigeria, in addition to our programmes of free education, free health care system, free mass transit, and free social housing and monthly social security doles for the unemployed, elderly and displaced persons to end poverty.

“We warn that INEC takes immediate steps to clean up their acts inconsistences of rules and guidelines for the elections and reverse recent appointments regarding manual collations with relations of the ruling party’s presidential candidate appointed to oversee after same presidential candidate had recently refused to assent to or sign into law duly parliamentary passed electoral reform bills that will eliminate vote stealing and manipulation of election results.

“Our party and candidate will take necessary actions to protect reported pledged votes to our candidate in due course where INEC and the presidency and named benefiting candidates and public officers fail to adequately address this issue to our satisfaction and guarantee of the pledged votes to our candidate in the coming February presidential election.

“We are fully aware that there is a clear breach by the public officers concerned, both at the INEC and the presidency, of the provisions of our constitution and laws not to take undue advantage of their officials positions to benefit themselves or engaging in activities that is in conflict with public interest as demanded of them by the provisions of the fifth and seventh schedules of the 1999 Constitution, the breach of which taint and disqualifies all such actions at the elections,” the OPCD warned.


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