7 signs she has friend zoned you


You like her a lot, care so much about her, you even sometimes fantasize about getting romantic with her. But she doesn’t know about how you feel, she just does not share your feelings. Well, if you are in such a situation, dude you have been friend zoned.

Friend zoning means both of you are just everything together but romantic partners. Below are definite signs that your dream girl have you on a friend zone level:

1. She tells you about all her crushes and admirers

Well, she goes all open about how much she admires this guy or that guy, even involve you in her romantic fantasies about such guys. She tells you all about her admirers. The guy who took her out for dinner, bought her a gift or stole a kiss. She virtually tells you everything and even seek for your advise on how to handle her crushes and admirers.

2. She simply laughs at your attempt to romance

Whenever you muster the courage to do something romantic, like a kiss or read her a romantic poem, she simply laughs heartily and call you cute without giving much thought to it.

3. You are always available for her and she is not always available for you

You are more of an agony aunt she runs to for comfort or consolation when she is having issues in her relationships with her boyfriend or friend(s). And, for her, you play this role of an agony aunt very well, you know how to get her out of such a troubling situation. And once she is happy she up and leaves and it could go for weeks without hearing from her.

4. You are in every way a friend but in no way a boyfriend

She is fond of calling you her bestie. She even flaunts you around her friends and boyfriends as her best friend. This is unsettling to you but she doesn’t notice. To her you are her the sweetest friend.

5. She wants you to date someone

She is always whispering how pretty her girlfriend or an acquaintance is, and how it will be great if you hook up with her. She is glad when you mention a girl flirts with you or crushes on you. She doesn’t waste time on urging you to ask the girl out. In fact, she is your eager matchmaker.

6. She doesn’t care to look attractive to you

She can simply be around you with a pair of faded jeans, T-shirt and no make up. It never crosses her mind to look pretty when about to meet you. She is very comfortable in her skin when she is around you. This means you are just a best friend and she is completely free around you.

7. She shares with you what could have been awkward moments with others

She enjoys comfortable silence with you, do silly things around you and get really freaky when she is with you. Awkward moments are shared without any feeling of embarrassment. Now if a girl has romantic feeling for you, she will be so self-conscious as to not to make any awkward move.
So there is just no pretense with you.

The thing is friend zoning happens and most guys suffer it, they endure all of these signs. Only few muster enough courage to speak and act on their feelings. And for the others they just act as best friends till the feelings die a natural death or they get frustrated and suddenly begin to act strange, causing the relationship to break. In the case of the latter, the boy and girl eventually become strangers to each other.

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