Bauchi Igbo APC Forum Backs FG on Nation’s Unity


By Sule Aliyu, Bauchi

Director, Bauchi State Television (BATV), Ibrahim Idris Shall has observed that agitations for Nigeria’s restructuring and secession are being championed by retrogressive elements that are against the people’s oriented policies and programmes of the present administration in the country.

According to him, those elements are hell bent to retard the wheels of progress, maintain their spree of public funds siphoning, as well as ensuring insecurity all over the land as a consequence for them to perpetuate nefarious activities.

The BATV Chief Executive, who made the observation while receiving the APC Igbo Forum in Bauchi, explained that the various agitations by self-aggrandized individuals and groups in parts of the country are all geared towards derailing the Federal Government from its well-tailored policies and programmes.

Comrade Ibrahim Shall expressed regret that these negative tendencies are being perpetuated as a result of the ouster of the erstwhile ruling party in the 2015 elections, an apparent cog that halted further siphoning of public funds.

“If you like this country, you will not make its ruling a conduit pipe, you cannot promote anything that will jeopardize the peaceful co-existence of its diverse ethnic groups, after all the era of creating disunity among Nigerians for selfish ends is over”, he said.

Shall, who described Bauchi state as mini-Nigeria where various ethnic tribes blossom, noted that if the Igbo community in Bauchi is tribal, it will not join the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a political party.

He also hailed the 19 Northern state governors for their resolve in ensuring that other tribes in the region did not suffer the misdeeds of the Biafra agitators, and thumped up for Governor Mohammed Abubakar for maintaining peaceful co-existence in heterogeneous Bauchi state.

Speaking earlier, Chairman of Bauchi State APC Igbo Forum, Mr. Richard Onovo said that the forum is not in support of happenings in some states of South Eastern Nigeria, especially as regards agitations for the Republic of Biafra.

Mr. Richard Onovo, who reiterated the forum’s absolute support to the Federal government under President Buhari and Bauchi state under Governor Mohammed Abubakar, observed that without peace no government or society can thrive or promote growth and development.

The forum’s vice chairman, Mr. Emmanuel Nnadozie who introduced the APC Igbo delegation to the BATV management, said that he was born and bred in Bauchi; as such he has no home other than Bauchi.

Nnadozie expressed delight with the prevailing peaceful atmosphere the Igbo community is enjoying in Bauchi which, he argued, is above any other materialistic consideration, saying they were sleeping with their two eyes closed.

He commended the stewardship of Governor Mohammed Abubakar, and pledged their unalloyed support to his administration with an assurance all Igbo eligible voter’s votes will be cast for the governor in 2019 elections for a second term tenure in office.


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