Defection: Saraki Supporters Shut Down Ilorin, Hold Solidarity Rally


By Steve Oni, Ilorin

Hundreds of youths and women supporters of the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, on Thursday trooped out in a rally around major parts of Ilorin, the Kwara state capital, to drum support for his defection to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

They insisted that Saraki would always win any election in the state notwithstanding the political platform he chooses to use.

“In Kwara, Saraki is our political party and we shall always vote for his party and candidates”, spokesman for the youths, Yakub Haruna Kannike told newsmen at the entrance gate of the Government House where the over three hours peaceful rally terminated.

Kannike added : “He ( Saraki) has been tested and trusted by the good people of our dear Kwara state. In fact, he does not need to be in any political party to win elections in the state. The people of the state have said it in many fora that our political party in Kwara is ” Saraki”.

“The simple interpretation of the above is that the people of the state are always ready to vote for any party that our leader belongs to, at any point in time. There are so many instances to buttress this assertion.

“The 2015 election is still very fresh in our memory. Since 2003 when he was elected the governor of the state, Saraki had been providing a purposeful leadership for the people of Kwara state.”

The processors challenged Saraki’s opponents on the need to show more commitments to the well-being of people of the state, saying it is not vote-catching to be seasonal politicians.

His words: “If we may ask, where are the political opponents of the Senate President when he was and still attending to the needs of the good people of Kwara state? Those antagonising Saraki for selfish interest are all seasonal and absentee politicians with no record of assisting their communities not to talk of the entire state.

“They always come around few months to election period to get patronage from their sponsors and attempt to deceive the electorate. But thank God, the Kwara electorate are very wise and had always rejected them whenever they came around.

“We are therefore using this forum to sensitise the people of the state to the antics of opposition elements and political spent forces who are jittery over Saraki’s defection to the PDP.

“They do not have anything to offer you as they will soon desert you as soon as they lose the 2019 general elections. Saraki is our God chosen leader who is always around to share in our happiness and grief. He deserves our support and we shall never cease supporting him.”



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