DISCLAIMER 30th October, 2018


My attention has been drawn to an online publication, Global Village Extra in which I was alleged to have written a letter to one Idris Mamman a director in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.
I was quoted as having accused him of sundry corrupt practices and owning property in several locations.
I wish to state for the avoidance of doubt that I never wrote any letter to the said Idris Mamman at any time accusing him of anything, as such the letter being referred to exists in the imagination of the medium, if truly it exists.
While it is true that I am from the same constituency as Mr Idris Mamman, I make bold to state that I enjoy personal relationship with him and have unfettered access to Idris and do not need to write to him.
I understand that several media houses may have syndicated certain allegations against Mallam Idris, and some other public officers claiming to originate from me in the past but I wish to challenge the Global Village Extra online platform to make public any letter I personally signed and sent to Mallam Idris.
I disown the said claims made in the said publication, and wish to assure Idris that the said publication, may be the handiworks of detractors and mischief makers trying to cause disaffection between us.
I hold Idris Mamman in very high esteem and would not do anything personal to harm his reputation.

Signed: Inuwa Bwala
Former commissioner for Home Affairs, Information and Culture,
Borno State


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