Edo can earn $1billion from arts, culture, tourism, says WAG’s President, Olaye


By Ikhili Ebalu, Benin City

President, World Arts Games International, (WAG) Prince Osahon Olaye said, Edo State government can earn $1 billion from arts, culture and tourism if properly harnessed.

He disclosed this while inaugurating members of the committee in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

Olaye said the state government can capitalize on the number of the countries covered by WAG and use it to its advantage by partnering them rather than allowing arts, culture and tourism to suffer degradation.

“So if the governor want an assistant, or the state, or Nigeria, we will assist because I wrote to the governor I think last year, Edo State can earn $1b annually through arts, culture and tourism. It will create job opportunities for our teeming youths.

“Governor to partner us. If will partner with governor because we have the link with about 83 countries now, we will work together with governor to promote our state and our country”, he said.

The WAG’s president said most often, the reason arts, culture and tourism suffer setback in some states is due to poor knowledge of what those who are supposed to have advised the government have about it adding that the governor per se cannot be blamed.

“One thing is that I believe that people work according to what they know. I will not blame the government but I believe that the people that are there, they work according to what they know”, he said.


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