Homosexual flees community over threat to life

Matthew Olu
Matthew Olu

A 29 year-old married man, Mr Olu Matthew has fled the community where he lives after he was caught in the act of same sex relationship (GAY).

According to reports gathered from his wife and our sources in the community, the incident occurred in eyaen community, in Aduwawa, Benin City on the 18 october 2014. It will be recalled that homosexual act in this part of the world is an act viewed as a TABOO by the people and also a SACRILIGIOUS offence, punishable and illegal by the government under section 214 of the Nigerian constitution as reviewed in 2014 hence also seen as a criminal and made to serve a 14years jail term since it is a sin against the Federal Government and that she forbids to have any form of relationship with the said Matthew.

Sources also stated that the community youths got wind of the homosexuality act being perpetrated by Mr Matthew and his partner Bright and vowed that that unless both of them must disappear from the surface of the earth.
However Mr Matthew’s said partner bright was caught during the raid by the community youths and was (Bright) mercilessly beaten by the community youth and hence disappeared from where the youths kept him before the arrival of the police.
Mr Matthew has since fled from his home since December 2014 for the fear of either being killed or made to face the 14yrs jail term.
According to Mrs Joyce Olu, her husband (Matthew) has since disappeared to an unknown destination when both security operatives and youths stormed his residence on 1st December, 2014.
He has been placed on a wanted list by both the community youths and security operatives in Nigeria.

Culled from Nigerian Pilot


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