Kwara Advanced Diagnostic Centre Screens 216,000 Patients


By Steve Oni, Ilorin

The Harmony Advanced Diagnostic Centre (HADC), Ilorin, the Kwara state capital, has conducted about 216,000 radiology and laboratory tests for patients since it began operations in 2013.

The Acting Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Centre, Mrs Nana Hauwa Omeiza, disclosed this during an interaction with journalists in Ilorin on Tuesday.

Omeiza stated that the Centre performs different medical tests at its Radiology and Laboratory departments for patients from different parts of the country.

She listed some of the tests to include Computed Tomography (CT) scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), mammography, sonography, Electrocardiogram (ECG), ECHO, gynaecology, pathology, polycystic ovarian disease test, x-rays, among others.

The COO disclosed that the centre recorded 37, 421 test counts in 2013, 51, 264 in 2014, and 45, 351 in 2015. For 2016, Omeiza said the centre had 36, 304 test counts, 29, 050 in 2017, and had so far recorded about 16, 952 test counts since the beginning of 2018.

She said that as a result of these tests, several diseases have been diagnosed while different life-threatening ailments have been nipped in the bud. Omeiza added that these tests have also helped in the effective treatment of the patients.

HADC was established by the Kwara State Government as a state-of-the-art modern healthcare facility, with a mission to ensure consistent provision of reliable comprehensive diagnostic and allied healthcare services.

HADC is among the key projects the State government executed with the N17billion bond it obtained in 2009.

The Centre is fully automated and offers unique services of health screening with the latest sophisticated laboratories and radiological services. Since it was established, the Centre has continued to provide qualitative, comprehensive and up-to -date medical diagnostic services.

It will be recalled that HADC in June emerged winner of the Radiology Service Provider of the Year in the 2018 Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Awards (NHEA) which held in Lagos.

The award organisers stated that HADC was awarded for its outstanding service delivery in the field of healthcare in the country.

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