Natural hair journey


When you hear of natural the first thing that runs through your mind is an intense volume of kinky hair on a black girl.

Afro-textured hair is the natural hair texture of certain populations in Africa, the African diaspora, Oceania and in some parts of South and Southeast Asia. Each strand of this hair type grows in a tiny, angle-like helix shape. The overall effect is such that, compared to straight, wavy or curly hair, afro-textured hair appears denser.

Historically, many cultures in continental Africa developed hairstyles that defined status, or identity, in regards to age, ethnicity, wealth, social rank, marital status, religion, fertility, adulthood, and death. Dense, thick, clean, and neatly groomed hair was something highly admired and sought after. Hair groomers possessed unique styling skills, allowing them to create a variety of designs that met the local cultural standards. Hair was usually dressed according to local culture.

However, the history of natural hair is a topic for another day. We are here to talk about guidelines to follow to grow long and healthy natural hair.
Black natural hair is sometimes termed as “nappy hair” but it has it’s struggles. Before embarking on the natural hair journey, you need to know that maintaining natural hair is expensive and therefore you must be ready to spend your money on hair products.

So let’s go straight into business.

1. Understand your hair type: we have type 1; 1a, 1b and 1c(straight hair), type 2; 2a, 2b and 2c(wavy hair), type
3; 3a, 3b and 3c(curly hair), type 4; 4a and 4c(kinky hair).
2. Drink enough water
3. Avoid excess heat
4. Moisturize
5. Wrap your hair before going to bed
7. Use a silk or satin pillowcase
8. Trim the ends
9. Know your products
10. Use the correct hair bands
11. Comb correctly
12. Avoid coloring
13. Frequent use of hair oil
14. Don’t over-wash

These are the few I could recommend but trust me if you abide by the guidelines, you’re hair growth will rapidly increase. But if you take a close look at the few listed guidelines, I excluded taking vitamins pills because i feel I don’t need to pop any pill to grow my hair. In other words, it’s your decision to take vitamin supplement pills or not.

Just as every story has two sides, so likewise the natural journey. It’s painful, annoying, painful and discouraging but it is also fun, unique and beautiful to behold.

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