Nigerian government must encourage fashion industry – Obua


By Ere-ebi Imisi

Fashion aficionado Dr Merit Gordon Obua has called on government at all levels  to support and encourage the fashion industry noting that the branding benefit is so massive.

Obua who is also a patron of the World Fashion Organisation noted that the industry is a bright spot that has the capacity of creating employment for the teeming unemployed Nigerian youths.

According to her fashion is an industry that has been confirmed to be less tedious and requires a short period to master and become an employer of labour, hence the need for government to harness this industry.

Obua also noted that the government has a major role to play in supporting the fashion industry adding that she has opened up conversations with the World fashion designers for Nigeria to host 2020 edition of the show.

‘‘There are certain industries which earnestly require government support and funding because through government involvement it will be easy to grow and develop it to international standard. The fashion industry is one of such which the government should begin to invest massively in.

‘‘For we on our own part, I have opened up discussion last month with World fashion designers proposing for Nigeria to host over 100 countries by 2020.

‘‘However for Nigeria to project its self on the international run way we are expected to produce about 2000 styles because each designer will be required to produce about 20 different out fits, we expect that our international audience are exposed to about 2000 styles within the period of 1 week.

‘‘This will naturally involve a lot of funding and human capacity and we are optimistic that we will have a great show’’ she explained.

Obua who is a lover for fashion and her works earned her a converted position as patron of the World Fashion Organisation called for more government funding and support for the fashion industry stressing that the economy has the tendency to grow through fashion.

‘‘We cannot do it on our own, we seek government support and participation. We believe that we can expose young people to the business aspect of the fashion industry because it is very lucrative.

‘‘The last administration pumped money into the entertainment industry now our artists are enjoying collaborations with their international counterparts.

‘‘We plead with government to assist our designers who have built themselves to some level, support what these young people are doing and pump in money into the fashion industry’’ she said.

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