PDP North-Central Rally, Gathering of Nigeria’s Enemies – Group


The North Central Youth Progressive Assembly led by Dr. Jethro Abba has described the forthcoming rally of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the North-Central as the gathering of Nigeria’s enemies made up of a bunch of rejected politicians that kept the North Central zone under-developed for 16 years.

Dr. Abba said in a statement issued in Markurdi, Benue state on Wednesday that the North Central Youth Progressive Assembly is compelled to remind the people of the region and other Nigerians of the toxic nature of the PDP leaders because of their ongoing attempt to re-write history and present themselves as people that had acted in the interest of the country when the reverse was the case.

He explained that theft of public fund, corruption, failure to diversify the economy and divisive politics are not the only evil perpetrated in the 16 years of PDP rule noting that the greatest evil they committed was teaching the populace to be lazy and greedy by doling out crumbs from the public funds they have stolen.

According to him, “The PDP culture of periodically giving out handouts as part of their vote buying strategy has created a culture of laziness and greed that is worse than that party’s refusal to develop the country, addiction to stealing public funds, corruption and a failure to diversify. It has in 16 years attempted to make all Nigerians into greedy criminal in line with its own manifesto.

“The toxic culture of sleaze is again being escalated towards the PDP’s North Central rally with plans to bribe citizens in order for them to ignore the years of misrule that made them sack the party so that articulated looters can be returned to office again.

Instead of presenting a roadmap of how it would purge itself of evil, make restitution and seek forgiveness, the PDP and its leadership with presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, is back to its old ways of bribing the people, insulting others and failing to undertake issue-based campaign.

“The North Central Youth Progressive Assembly is asking our women and youths to collect whatever money the PDP chieftains bring to the north central for their zonal rally and go ahead to sack the party a second and final time by re-electing President Muhammadu Buhari. They should see the collection of the money as part of assets recovery from treasury looters and spend the token they are bringing to cushion the years of bad governance the PDP foisted on them.

But they must send a clear message that the North-Central is too politically awake to vote for Atiku come 2019,” the statement declared.

Dr. Abba went on to state that President Buhari remains the best thing that has happened to the North Central in terms of on-going projects and the ones that have been completed while also positively impacting the economy of the people which is driven by agriculture.

He said “The administration of President Buhari has developed the people’s capacity in Agriculture and there is no doubt that there is more to be gained in his second term, which makes it imperative that the people of the geo-political zone do not allow themselves to be swayed by lies of looters.

“We want Atiku to know that no matter how much Dollar or Dirham he brings to the North Central, the people will not vote for him,” he declared as he advised the PDP presidential candidate to keep his money and not spend too much on the political jobbers that have commissioned themselves as messiahs that will crown him president.


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