Selasi Fashion Show is fashion for charity



We go beyond Fashion to show love to humanity

By Ebi Imisi


Patience Saha, founder of Selasi Fashion Show has disclosed that the show is beyond just the runway but to show care and love to humanity with proceeds.


Fielding questions from reporters during the fashion show with the theme ‘Embrace Africa’, Patience Saha said fashion designer should go beyond designing the dresses and showcasing themselves but focus on reaching out to people.


According to her, Selasi Fashion show season 4 is tagged fashion for charity noting that she has embarked on several visits to orphanage and old person’s home to meet their needs adding that most of the proceedings from the show will be used to visit IDPs.


She stated that Selasi has carries out a lot of humanitarian activities such ‘back-to-school’ project and empowerment programmes.


“To be a fashion designer is not about the dresses and showcase yourself, it is about reaching out to the people. Selasi Fashion show is not just a show but we care for the people, speak to love and life for the people.


“Selasi Fashion show has been visiting orphanage homes, old people’s home and lot of other things; it is not just a show.  We are picking people back to school, pick people and train them, pick people and empower them. It is not just a show”, she explained.


Answering a question on the philosophy of the fashion show, Mrs. Saha said it aims to fill the existing gaps in the fashion industry by promoting the designs of upcoming designers in the industry.


“We have up-coming designers and big time designers, the upcoming designers are very good and they create very nice designs but most of the time they go back because they are afraid to come out.


“If they can come out, it will be good and it will boost the industry. We have a lot of designers who live in suburbs and think that they will not make it.  That is why we brought this designer and you will discover that they have collection.


“My fashion show is not focused on the big designers but we look out for the ones that are trying to find their feet, so we can encourage them to be persistent and creative that they can make a difference in the fashion industry”, she said.


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