Settle Your Differences With Your Party —– Eholor Tells Obaseki


By Ikhili Benin, Benin City

A human rights activist and founder, One Love Foundation, Patrick Eholor, on Wednesday asked the state governor, Godwin Obaseki to settle his political differences with his party and not to use the people of the state to settle their scores.

Patrick Eholor made the call in Benin city during a peaceful protest march to draw the attention of the public to the non inauguration of the seventh assembly in the state.

Eholor said it is pathetic that out of the 36 states of the federation, Edo is among the few states whose house of assembly has not been inaugurated and thereby preventing the spread of the dividends of democracy to the people who voted them into power.

“We are gathered here today for a very few peaceful protest to remind the governor of Edo State that the citizen deserves better.

“We are aware that most of the states have inaugurated the house of assembly members. This is our seventh house, we are hoping that as of now, he would have transmitted to the clerk of the house of assembly, so that they can carry out the duty and functionality of democracy.

“So, that the dividend of democracy can reach out to the people who voted them into power”, he said.

He advised the state governor to settle his impasse with his political party on a round table if there is any rather than setting the people of the state backward politically as they cannot continue to wallow in such setback.

“So, if they have issues with themselves, they should come to a round table to settle it because they cannot use Edo people to settle their issues.

“We cannot continue to suffer this pain. It is very clear in the 1999 constitution, section 105, subsection 3. I am not a lawyer but I read it very clearly that when election is conducted, and the people have been duly elected, the governor has the right to transmit to the clerk of the house of assembly so that the people can be sworn in so that they can continue with the business for the people.

“So that is why we are here to appeal to them to swear them in immediately.

“The governor is a technocrat, he is very well read. We are appealing to his conscience that no matter what is going on within him or within the party or within any other political parties, he should do the needful and respect the right of those who voted for him and for those who voted for the house of assembly members”, he said.


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