Why Bayelsans will elect David Lyon as the next governor of Bayelsa State



By Victor Dim-Oba
Political watchers are advancing reasons why David Lyon should be the next governor of Bayelsa State under All Progressive Congress, APC in the forthcoming November 16, 2109 gubernatorial elections.
Speaking during a chat with our correspondent in Abuja, Comrade Wisdom Ikuli, a former candidate of Social Democratic Party, SDP noted that  David Lyon possess all the qualities to break the jinx of poverty, misery and gross underdevelopment faced by Bayelsans in last seven years under the People Democratic Party, PDP.
‘’David Lyon may not be savior but God is using him as the worthy vessel. The Almighty God wants to speak through David Lyon. Bayelsans want to speak through David Lyon and so you can say he is God-sent messiah that will liberate our people from abject poverty and misery as well as gross underdevelopment. David lyon represent the symbol of the new Bayelsa State of our dream.
‘’David Lyon like any other human may have his flaws, both innate and inherent flaws. There is no human that doesn’t have flaws and weakness but we know his history. The philanthropic gesture of David Lyon is in the public domain.  He is servant not a leader.  He is a servant of the people” he said.
Comrade Ikuile noted that the Bayelsa election is about Douye Diri and David Lyon; it is about the rescue of soul of Bayelsa State and their common destinies adding that Bayelsans are worried on how people are managing common patrimony and wealth as if it is an individual estate without regard for any Bayelsan.
‘’Dickson runs Bayelsa as his personal estate and feels that whatever he decides must be final. So are not just analyzing Douye Diri and David Lyon, ‘No’. Bayelsa is gasping for breath; struggling to breathe and if we are not careful the remaining life of Bayelsa will go and it will die.
‘If Bayelsa is a country in international parlance, we call them states; you will classified them as failed states. Look at the security situation – armed robbers and cultists slaughter Bayelsans like cows and fowls on daily basis. These people move freely and nobody touches them because they are agents of government and enjoying government patronage.
Bayelsa state is the only state where intellectualism has been relegated to the background and criminals are celebrated given appointments, all manners of positions and contracts, so they will continue to perpetrate evil against Bayelsans. So, get me right, the 2019 governorship election is not about Douye Diri or David Lyon, it is about Bayelsans and Dickson.
‘First, it is an established fact that Dickson and Douye are cousins, therefore voting Douye Diri is voting the third term of Governor Dickson. Where you reenact hunger and poverty. Bayelsans are wallowing in misery, abject poverty in the midst of plenty. Bayelsans are now shadow of their own selves.
‘’There is so much hope. Bayelsans have realized their problem. They know that their problem and common enemy is Governor Dickson.  They know that the man doesn’t think about the welfare and well-being of Bayelsans and himself only, how is going to take over Bayelsa and the Ijaw nation.
He concluded that Bayelsans this time around wants to resist Governor Dickson saying that 2019 is different from 2015 and Bayelsans are not interested in political parties because political parties are just nomenclature that exists only in name.


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