Why nPDP Attended APC National Convention- Kawu Baraje


By Steve Oni, Ilorin

The leader of the new People’s Democratic Party (nPDP), Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje says the group decided to attend the Saturday convention of APC because they want to demonstrate to the world and entire Nigerians and particularly to their supporters that they are loyal to the party.

Alhaji Baraje while reacting to Saturday’s convention said it does not mean that all the group’s grievances stated in their letter had been addressed. “Notwithstanding, we still believe that our loyalty should be demonstrated, that is why we attended the convention “, declared Alhaji Baraje .

According to him, the convention is ongoing now,despite the fact that there are so many litigations in the court against the party arising from parallel primaries in over 18 States of the Federation .

The fact that we were able to attend the APC convention and the convention is going on well,is not an interpretation that the suffering of the masses had been alleviated and is not an answer that the security in the country which has been seriously jeopardised is being addressed.

Alhaji Baraje added that it is not a pointer to the fact that youth unemployment and human capital development is being addressed.

The nPDP leader said these are all the group’s concern and warned that even if the APC convention goes on very well it is not yet uhuru because the foundation of the convention is shaking as there are so many aggrieved party members and stakeholders and the party is aware of this.

“We want to appreciate the entire Nigerians and our supporters and we want to let them know that our struggle is still on course and until the party addresses some of the major areas of concerns that will make live easy for Nigerians we remain undaunted”, declared Alhaji Baraje.


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