Aspirant Decries Bill Preventing Married Women Contesting Elections In Home States


By Steve Oni, Ilorin
A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Female Presidential Aspirant, Professor Olufunmilayo Adesanya-Davies has decried the National Assembly’s recent bill, an amendment, that would prevent women who married outside their places of origin, from contesting elections or being appointed into political offices in their states of origin.
She said that the review of terms of such constitution needs not be visited but should be maintained and to remain at status quo -ante.
Adesanya- Davies added that the federal lawmakers in their bid to improve the laws through constitutional amendment should not in any way be seen to be turning the clock anti-clockwise on their duty posts as lawmakers as they have been engaged to improve the laws.
She appealed to the state Houses of Assembly nationwide to reject the recent Bill, “an amendment that prevents women; who married outside their places of origin from contesting elections in their places of origin where they were born and nurtured; engrafted by nature, well established and very well known before contracting any form of marriage.”
The Presidential hopeful added that: “This amendment has definitely crossed the national red lines and must be stopped.
“A daughter has the same right as the daughter-in-law, or even more for regents from palaces, and this amendment must not be so. Or is this geared at encouraging divorce and discouraging national unity through Inter-state and inter-ethnic marriages? Or could it be an advice to all women to remain single, unmarried and stay at home!
“Nigerian women can now see that this APC government does not want the women to be married, nor contest elections into political offices. Nigeria having made the ticket opens for women; after making our potential husbands to lose their jobs, and with the ongoing killings in the nation. They have decided to perfect it all with a law, so we cannot help as mothers.
“We want to remind the National Assembly that every woman according to nature’s endowment is entitled to her father and marital homes and this is no bone for any contention.
“This is strictly a gender issue and the Nigerian women all say ‘NO’ to any such backward and negative amendments.”


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