Kwara Police Dispels Ritual Rumour



By Steve Oni, Ilorin

The Kwara state Police Command has dispelled the wide spread
rumour in the social media alleging that some officers and men of the command have become agents of ritualists in the state.

The rumour went viral in the social media in the last one week,
accusing some policemen from one of the divisions in Ilorin, the state capital of arresting and selling people to ritualists.

But the state Police Commissioner, Lawan Ado urged the public to discountenance such rumour, adding that there is no iota of truth in it.

Addressing journalists in Ilorin, Mr. Ado said the information from the social media is not only malicious, it is also not credible.

“It is most of the time, aimed at discrediting people,” he said.

The Commissioner added that “we have done our proper and thorough investigation on the rumour and we have found out that it is not true. It is worrisome. People have been calling me. It’s totally falsehood. We urge any member of the public that has useful information on the matter to come to us in confidence and we will do justice to it.”

“Appropriate sanctions will be meted out to any policeman that is
found blameworthy. But we urge all in the state to discountenance it and go about their normal businesses. The rumour is out to cast
unnecessary aspersion on the state Police Command”, he declared.

On the alleged clash between the police and the army, Ado said there had not been any skirmish between the two sister agencies in the state.