2023: PDP and her Governors only Jittery of Emiefele’s Towering Acceptance

A Civil Society Organization (CSO), Diaspora Economic Watch Forum, has described as hypocrisy; insinuations by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that the Central Bank Governor, Chief Godwin Emiefele has abandoned the task of managing the economy in pursuit of his Presidential ambition come 2023.

The Naira, the CSO said has never been stable in recent times describing the CBN forex policies and internal financial policies as the best all over the world and wondered why anybody would want to ridicule Nigeria’s most performing institution.

In a statement signed by its Executive Secretary, Comrade Richard Oduma and made available to journalists in Abuja, the CSO with a mandate to monitor Nigeria’s economic growth and advice appropriately wondered why the PDP and her governors were jittery over Emiefele’s presidential bid, stressing that it was not a crime for any Nigerian to contest for any post if they so wish.

“Emefiele like every Nigerian has the right to contest any elections. Even though he has not indicated interest to contest, those making cynical comments about his candidature are just being jittery and afraid of his towering image and acceptance. The PDP should ask Wike, Tambuwal and Okowa who have abandoned their jobs to resign before contesting the Presidency and stop throwing childish tantrums”, the CSO urged.

The CSO noted with satisfaction the redeeming role the CBN governor played in saving the country from the devastating economic crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and queried why naysayers are accusing the economic czar of abandoning his duties.

“The PDP, her elected governors and appointees are just angry that Emefiele did not ruin the economy as expected. They had run the economy aground for 16th years and are shocked that Governor Emefiele has not just revived the economy but has turned Nigeria into a thriving global economy in a twinkle of an eye” the statement added.

The CSO frowned at the focus the PDP has placed on the purported candidature of Mr. Emefiele, describing it as baseless fear that the All Progressives Congress may field a shining star and great achiever like Emefiele come 2023. Stating further that the PDP should rather focus on producing a candidate that Nigerians will accept the way they have accepted and are calling on Emiefele to contest rather than expending all their energy on an innocent man.

“The PDP is scared of imminent defeat at the polls come 2023 and are shamelessly looking for who to blame for their failure to provide a more credible alternative should Emiefele decide to accept the overwhelming calls to run. Instead of allowing Nigerians to decide who their leaders will be, the PDP is mounting a campaign of calumny to discredit people who are likely to give them a run for their 16 years of stolen and squandered wealth”.

The CSO equally challenged the opposition party to show any evidence that Emefiele has declared his intention to contest, insisting that it is uncharitable to distract somebody who is doing everything in his power to save the nation’s economy with spurious lies and allegations.

“It is appalling that the PDP will resort to mudslinging in their desperate attempt to tarnish the image of somebody who has not indicated his intention to contest any election. Contrary to their speculations, it is indeed Nigerians who are insisting the financial czar must contest and even threatened him with lawsuits if he fails to oblige public clamour for him to contest for presidency of Nigeria for equity and sustainability. Comments from the camp of the opposition are just a hoax with no evidence to back up”, the statement added.

Nigerians, the CSO noted will never allow the doomsday when PDP will take back power. The carnage, corruption and embezzlement that Nigeria suffered under PDP can’t be allowed to repeat itself. The PDP should remove the log in their eyes before attempting to remove the speck in the eyes of the APC and her possible candidates

The PDP as a party should be ashamed of themselves and should show remorse for their actions before the APC came to rescue the country. They should not constitute themselves as a stumbling block to the progress of the country by trying to destroy every good thing that Nigeria has ever enjoyed”, the statement added.


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