2027: Tinubu Should bury Second term ambition, He has no plan for the North

…. Na’jaatu Mohammed has been Vindicated….Dr. Gololo
A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress ( A PC), Dr. Haruna Garus Gololo, has advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to forget his reelection after the first four years in office, saying that his slogan, Renew hope has turned a renew hopeless situation.

” The poor Nigerians have lost hope in the renew hope agenda of president Tinubu. As a president he has shown that he has no capacity to solve the problem of the masses”

” What is he going to campaign with, what are you going to tell the masses?
I was there during his inauguration when he said fuel subsidy is gone, but today the gap between the poor masses and the rich is also gone. Because today the poor cannot afford the three square meals , but he keep on talking of 2027 , if you don’t have food to eat , how can you survive till 2027?”
” May be it is only members of his family that will vote for him, because any poor man that will stand up for him will receive the beating of his life”
The APC Chieftain and former Coordinator of Osibanjo for president in the North East , during the general election advice President Tinubu to finish his four years peacefully and resigned, saying that in ” 2027 even before the main election he will loss at the primary and we put him where he belongs”

To fill the vacuum because of the zoning, Gololo said that Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, the former minister of Agriculture during former president Jonathan can rescue Nigeria from the mess Tinubu has thrown Nigeria and the masses into.
” What we need now is a leader who is well expose, experience with a zeal to develop Nigeria, we need Akinwumi Adesina, every body can see how he is coordinating and transforming the African Development Bank, he is tested and his performance could be seen”
” We will mobilize for his election to replace Tinubu, for the South west to complete the eight years”
” Where is the renew hope agenda, from 142 fuel has gone up to 700 and you cannot even find it at the filling stations, a bag of Guinea Corn was 25,000, it is now 70,000, rice is no longer for the poor man, during the last fasting sugar was 80,000. From Abuja to Kaduna, by road from 3000 it is now 10, 000.
When Tinubu came in from Abuja to Kano was barely 6000, it is now 20, 000 by road , to and fro you have to organise yourself with 80,000″

” Mama put that was 200 is 1700, no mama put will put food for you for 1000. We can go on and on”
” The issue has gone beyond zoning, we need somebody to rescue Nigeria from this flypan, ministers are appointed to assist but who among his ministers can you say is performing today, for the first time we have 45 ministers in a cabinet, but non is a functional minister, except without sentiment Nyemson Wike, the FCT minister “
” How can they work or perform when for the first time a House of Representation member, Chief staff to the president is allowed to appoint five ministers. Can the House invite them when they are not performing? All his appointment is from Lagos not Ondo Ogun but Lagos state, FIRS, CBN, Blue Economy and other strategic appointments for all the commissioners that served him Lagos state “
As a vice president have you seen Shetimma acting in any capacity, he only goes to occasions to represent him “
” Na’jaatu Mohammed, has been Vindicated that Tinubu has no plan for the North, the 35 kilometres Abuja , Kaduna express awarded by Buhari, has been abandoned, while the Keffi, Makurdi Enugu road has almost been complete”

Gololo, also warned the Economic and Financial Crimes, EFCC to tread with caution on the controversy surrounding the former governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello.
” The EFCC should allowed the Court to try Bello, not the media trial going on, the chairman said he invited him personally to his office, is it a personal affairs?
What happened to the humanitarian minister, she suspended but Tunji Ojo, whose company was used as the conduit has not been invited for questioning. The same way Sunday Igboho, returned from Benin Republic to attack the secretariat in oyo’, that they want Oduduwa state, his boys were arrested and paraded, but where is I
Igboho, is it not the same agitation that Kanu has been detention for, is it not agitation that Bello Badejo is been held?
Is it because Igboho is with mark on his face from Oyo’?”
We should stop this indiscriminate trial and arrest because we are Citizens of Nigeria.


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