Abia State Governor Seeks U.S. Support for Economic Growth

By Milcah Tanimu

Governor Alex Otti of Abia State is actively seeking support from the United States Consulate to bolster trade, investment, and various sectors within the state. During a productive meeting with Mike Ervin, the Political and Economic Section Chief of the U.S. Consulate in Lagos, Otti outlined critical challenges faced by the state, particularly in the business sector. These challenges include hurdles related to access to finance, power, and logistics support for the digital economy.

Governor Otti is optimistic about overcoming power supply challenges in Aba, thanks to the recent inauguration of the Geometric Power Plant. Acknowledging the significance of collaboration, Otti is keen on fostering a partnership with the U.S. to stimulate economic development in Abia. This strategic alliance aims to address existing challenges and create a conducive environment for growth and investment.


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