Activist Queries Amnesty International Registration Status

A foremost civil rights group, Save Nigeria Movement has petitioned the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to confirm to it details of the registration status of Amnesty International in Nigeria.

In a letter to the registrar general CAC, signed by Solomon Semaka, the group maintained that it has uncovered registration discrepancies concerning AI hence the need for the inquiry.

“Among other things, Amnesty International purport to be operating for over 50 years, but only got registered as a limited liability company and charity in the England and Wales in 1986” our investigation revealed.

“We are also disturbed that amnesty international limited and charity objectives as registered in England and Wales has different objectives other than those promoted by Amnesty International in Nigeria.

“Again, what is obtained on the CAC website search is Amnesty International Nigerian Section and not Amnesty International. This is a very disturbing identity crisis. The group maintained.

“It appears the organisations has been hiding under an identity that it’s not hers to perpetrate it’s falsehood in Nigeria”, the group submitted.

It further wondered why an organisation would register with CAC in 1995 under a different name and address but continue to operate under the identity of its International partners registered in England and Wales, which in themselves are for charity and a limited liability purposes adding that it calls to credibility of the the organisation.


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