Aero Passengers Stranded Over Airline’s Inability To Buy fuel

Barely three weeks after AMCON took over Aero, the airline’s passengers were stranded today(Thursday) at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal 2 from morning till about 2pm.
It was learnt that the airline could not buy aviation fuel for its aircraft to ferry passengers to their various destinations.
Consequently, the passengers became unruly and almost traded punches with the ticketing officers.
At a certain point, ticketing clerks fled the counters for fear of being manhandled by the passengers.
Some passengers who had urgent businesses to attend in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Uyo and some other places began to ask for refund of their money.
“I have an early morning business meeting in Abuja and I have been here since 6pm. The airline has not made any move to remedy the situation by either transferring the passengers to another airline or refund our money,” said a passenger who identified himself as Trevor.
A Port Harcourt-bound passenger who gave his name as Tamarapreye said he had to put a call through to his business partner to cancel his schedule appointment which was slated for 10am.
“It’s very disappointing that Aero could behave this way. They don’t even have the courtesy to tell the passengers what has gone wrong. If Aero had issues, I think the best thing would have been to inform the passengers on time. That way, passengers would have made alternative arrangement; it is said and fortunate,” he said.
Later in a telephone interview, the consultant to Aero, Mr. Simon Tumba confirmed the incident. However, he said the problem had been fixed and passengers airlifted to their destinations.


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