Amnesty International Report Highlights Concerns Over Human Rights in Nigeria

By Milcah Tanimu

Amnesty International’s latest report, ‘The State of the World’s Human Rights: April 2024’, has brought attention to the troubling state of human rights in Nigeria and various other nations worldwide.

The comprehensive report delves into a multitude of pressing issues, including sanctions against media outlets, criminal charges against journalists, excessive use of force by defense and security forces, torture during police interrogations, forced evictions by authorities, and violations of international law by armed conflict actors.

Specifically focusing on Nigeria, the report outlines numerous human rights concerns, including crackdowns on dissent, attacks on the media, and various forms of violence and discrimination. It highlights cases of sanctions imposed on media organizations and journalists for alleged defamation, as well as instances of harassment, arrest, and physical assault of individuals expressing dissent on social media platforms.

Furthermore, the report documents unlawful attacks and killings by security forces, such as the use of excessive force against peaceful protesters, arbitrary arrests, and extrajudicial killings. It also addresses the lack of protection for educational institutions, with incidents of abductions and attacks on schools resulting in the displacement and harm of students and staff.

Additionally, the report sheds light on issues like sexual and gender-based violence, forced evictions, economic challenges, and attacks on marginalized communities. It emphasizes the urgent need for action to address these human rights violations and ensure accountability for perpetrators.

In conclusion, the report calls for greater adherence to human rights principles, transparency, and accountability in Nigeria and worldwide, emphasizing the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of all individuals.


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