APC Mulls Oyegun’s Replacement

  • Sheriff ’s Emergence In PDP Throws Party Off Balance
  • PDP NEC In Make Or Mar Meeting To Decide Fate Of NWC
A new power game
may be playing
out in the ruling
All Progressives
Congress, APC,
to the effect that its National
Chairman, John Odegie oyegun,
may have been shoved aside to pave
way for a more aggressive politician
that can match Senator Ali Modu
Sheriff as National Chairman of
the opposition Peoples democratic
Party, PDP.
Apparently jolted by Sheriff ’s
emergence as chairman of PDP, the
APC our correspondent gathered
is making frantic moves ahead
of PDP’s planned re-unification
agenda spearheaded by its new
chairman, to puts its house together
and stem the possible effects on its
Investigations reveal that,
Oyegun’s current annual vacation
was a mere façade, as the chairman
may not resume afterall, having
been told before he left that, he
was being considered for another
appointment as compensation
for his service and for him to step
down, while the party seeks to
bring on board, a more charming
personality that can march Sheriff
as he seeks to re-positioned the
P D P.
nationalTRAIL reliably learnt
that, even before Modu Sheriff ’s
emergence as national Chairman
of the PDP, stakeholders in the
APC had agreed in principles that
Oyegun must give way, ahead of the
2019 battle, which they believe he
lacks the capacity to handle.
Investigations reveal that, the
meeting amongst stakeholders of
the APC with Vice President Yemi
Osinbajo at the Aso Rock Viilla,
shortly after Ali Modu Sheriff was
announced as the Chairman of the
PDP, may not be unconnected with
the moves on how best to confront
the new challenge, as well as address
the festering ego war between key
stakeholders of the party that have
all along held strongly onto their
various camps, which includes;
President Buhari, Bola Ahmed
Tinubu, and former vice President
Atiku Abubakar, who is believed to
still have his eyes firmly fixed on
Sources told
that the gulf between President
Muhammadu Buhari and Bola
Ahmed Tinubu, the APC National
leader on one hand, and between
former vice President Atiku
Abubakar and the duo of Buhari
and Tinubu on the other, seems
to be deepening, with the APC
hierarchy getting more polarized,
depending upon the allegiance of
individual members and groups
within the party.
This was made even more
manifest during the reconciliatory
meeting summoned through the
vice President Yemi Osinbajo at
the Aso Rock Villa recently, where
each of the parties remained glued
to their different trenches over
certain decisions of the party,
which caused ill feelings amongst
key stakeholders.
Our correspondent reports
that, after a thorough review of
its performance in government
in the last ten months, and the
attendant drift of its leadership,
APC stakeholders were of the view
that the opposition may make
good its threat to takeover in 2019
unless certain measures are taken,
including the change in party
leadership and style.
Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, had
immediately after he took over as
chairman of the PDP told Nigerians
that, his main task is to reposition
his party for eventual takeover in
2019 from the APC, even as he
pledged to address the grievances
that rocked the party during the
2015 elections.
While the APC mulls the idea of
the change of its National Chairman,
an enlarged meeting of the National
Executive Committee, NEC, of the
opposition Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP, is under way in Abuja,
at which the docrine of necessity
may be evoked to extend the tenure
of its national chairman, Senator
Ali Modu Sheriff beyond the initial
three months handed out to him.
Our correspondent reports that,
the NWC which tenure officially
ends this month risks a vote of no
confidence by the NEC in the face
of unfolding developments in the
party, which makes the evocation
of the doctrine of necessity to

extend Senator Ali Sheriff ’s tenure
as national Chairman, to pave
way for the smooth conduct of
party congresses and convention,
gathered that, the NEC members
have resolved even before going
into session that, something needs
to be done urgently if the PDP is
to be rescued from the hands of
individuals who mismanaged its
fortunes during the last general
elections, leading to its loss of the
Presidency to the then opposition.
We noticed that, embattled
members of the NWC who may be
affected by the NEC decision have
been running from pillar to pole in
their desperation to sway the NEC
from taking a drastic position on
their tenure, by converting them to
caretaker committee.
However, at the time of this
report it was not clear whether any
decision on this was reached


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