“Bash Ali Reflects on Financial Decline and Commitment to Fighting Corruption on 68th Birthday”

By Milcah Tanimu

Bashiru Lawrence Ali, known as Bash Ali, marked his 68th birthday by sharing a poignant message on social media, where he reflected on his unwavering commitment to fighting corruption and the toll it has taken on his financial well-being. In a Facebook post, Ali recounted his 17-year struggle to host his Guinness World Record Boxing Championship Fight in Nigeria, highlighting his refusal to yield to corrupt practices in sports and the country as a whole.

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, including financial decline and physical injuries, Ali remained steadfast in his principles, choosing to fight for integrity and transparency in Nigerian sports. He revealed that his principled stand against corruption had led to significant personal sacrifices, resulting in a drastic decline in his financial status from being a millionaire in dollars to having virtually nothing in Naira.

Ali recounted the hardships he endured during his quest, including being beaten, injured, detained multiple times at police stations, and spending 43 days in Kuje Prison. Despite facing daunting obstacles and lucrative offers to fight outside Nigeria, Ali remained resolute in his dream to hold his championship fight in his home country.

As Ali’s long-awaited dream of hosting the championship fight in Nigeria begins to materialize, he reaffirmed his determination to continue fighting until he reaches the age of 70, retire with financial security, and ultimately pursue his aspiration of becoming the President of Nigeria.

Ali expressed gratitude to his supporters for standing by him throughout his journey, emphasizing their unwavering support and encouragement. He concluded his message by thanking them and reaffirming his commitment to his goals.

The post encapsulates Ali’s resilience, determination, and unwavering dedication to his principles, despite facing significant personal and professional challenges along the way.


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