Boko Haram Terrorists Eat Human Flesh To Survive

  • As Troops Block Food, Embark On Mop Up Offensives

Boko-Haram-11By Yahaya WAKILI, Maiduguri
In apparent desperation to survive following the blockade of their food and other critical supply lines, and the attendant offensives on their hideouts by Nigerian troops, Boko Haram terrorists have resorted to cooking and eating the flesh of their captives and non combatant members as meals.
Some freed captives revealed to our correspondent that even without firing a single gunshot, the remaining Boko Haram terrorists will have to surrender, or starve to death, as they are fast running out of food supplies, and had to resort to sacrificing fellow humans as meals to ensure the survival of their few remaining foot soldiers.
According to them, most of the Commanders have either fled the camps, killed in combat, or arrested while trying to secure sponsorships, including food, which has forced them to seek for alternative means of survival, including sacrificing people to be served as food for the rest to hang on to live.
They said the most vulnerable including weak captives who have become burdens to keep and non combatant members of the Boko Haram sect, who are being blamed for the food shortages in the various camps. This development is coming at a time when the Nigerian military is reported to have deployed more personnel and equipment to confront the already weakened terrorists group.
Some soldiers deployed a fortnight ago to the North East told our correspondent that, Boko Haram seems to be using their last breaths and energy to escape capture, as they only find decomposing bodies of starved terrorists, even as they have not heard a single shot from the sect members since arriving their areas of operation.
This is even as soldiers of 121 Task Force Battalion of the 26 Task Force Brigade has carried out a clearance operations at Dure district just last Saturday, following intensified efforts towards clearing remnants of Boko Haram terrorists in some hideouts in the North Eastern part of the country.
A statement from Acting Director Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Usman, said that, during the encounter, troops met stiff resistance from the terrorists, with three of its men sustaining injuries but “They however overcame and cleared Dure 1, Dure 2 and Jango, Dibiye and other suspected Boko Haram terrorists hideouts within the general area of the district.
He said serial Improvised Explosives devices went off during the operations, injuring the three soldiers, who have since been evacuated for medical treatment and are in stable condition.
“During the operation, troops killed several terrorists and recovered 2 hand held Motorola radios one of which was booby-trapped, materials for Improvised Explosive making Devices and destroyed several grains storage facilities.”
In another development, a combined team of units under 26 Task Force Brigade based in Gwoza on Saturday also cleared Amdaga Makaranta and Amdaga Madachi of remnants of Boko Haram terrorists, killing 2 Boko Haram terrorists’ fighters in the encounter.
The statement revealed that the new and desperate strategy of Boko Haram terrorists includes hiding their logistics especially grains for the rainy season in dugouts and the use of hand held radios primed with Improvised Explosive Devices as booby-traps.
Also the GOC 7 division Nigerian Army with headquarters in Maiduguri Brig. General Ezugwu, has assured that the Nigerian military is confident that God who gives victory is helping the military to decode and frustrate all terrorists’ evil plans and machinations.
General Ezugwu further noted that it is the military’s determined objective to ensure that the menace of Boko Haram would be consigned to the dustbin of inglorious history in the annals of Nigeria’s corporate existence as a nation


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