Building Collapse: Minister Tasks ARCON On Professionalism, Act Review

From Lateef Taiwo

Minister of Housing and Urban Development Arc. Ahmed Dangiwa has charged newly appointed council members of the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria, ARCON, to place a high premium on promoting ethical standards and implementing strategies aimed at preventing building collapse across the nation. Inaugurating a reconstituted ARCON at the ministry’s headquarters in Abuja, Arc. Dangiwa stressed the importance of accountability and transparency within the architectural profession, especially in the lght of the devastating consequences of the incessant cases of building collapse that had led to loss of lives and resources in parts of the country in recent times. He said: “I must also not fail to draw the attention of this Council to the incessant incidences of building collapse in our country. The recurring phenomenon has led to loss of lives, and waste of resources and brought shame to the profession and the housing sector. “This Council must therefore be committed from inception to play its part by promoting accountability, and transparency through the implementation of initiatives that would enhance good governance in the built environment by bringing registered architects to uphold ethical conduct and integrity.” He underscored the pivotal role of ARCON in regulating the architectural landscape since its establishment in 1969, as enshrined in its mandate by the Architects Registration Act, which empowers it to set and elevate professional standards in the field of architecture. Having noted the significance of the architectural profession in national development, Dangiwa charged the council members to approach their roles with a sense of duty and commitment to service, prioritizing the interests of both the profession and the country. In his plea for unity among stakeholders, Dangiwa urged all parties involved to adhere to the resolutions of previous engagements and to withdraw any pending legal disputes to pave the way for sustainable growth and development within the profession. The Minister also stressed the need to carry out a total overhaul of the ARCON Act 2024 to realign its mandate with the present-day realities and future needs. “As you get ready to start work, I also want to draw your attention to the fact that the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria Act 2004 being a statute created by the National Assembly needs immediate and urgent review and update by way of Amendment. “The Act needs a surgical review to align its mandate with the realities of today and beyond. The Ministry under my watch would encourage this Council to urgently begin work on this amendment. We should aim to remove all areas of ambiguities. “We should incorporate the right to exist and function with the common objective of promoting the Profession, in accordance with the provision of Section 40 of the 1999 Constitution as amended (which give Right to Freedom of Association), accordingly,” he noted.


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