China Extends Congratulations to Putin on Election Victory

By Milcah Tanimu

In a diplomatic gesture, China offered its congratulations to President Vladimir Putin on his resounding election victory. Official election data revealed that with 99 percent of polling stations reporting, Putin secured a staggering 87.33 percent of all votes cast, as reported by state news agency RIA.

Foreign ministry spokesman Lin Jian, speaking at a regular press conference, conveyed China’s felicitations on Putin’s electoral success, emphasizing the longstanding and comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia in the contemporary era.

Recognizing the historic nature of Putin’s win, achieved in an election lacking genuine competition, Lin expressed confidence in the continued advancement of bilateral relations under the strategic leadership of Presidents Xi Jinping and Putin. Highlighting the auspicious occasion of the 75th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two nations, Lin underscored the prospects for further strengthening cooperation and achieving mutual successes for their respective peoples.

In reciprocal remarks, Putin praised Beijing, foreseeing enhanced relations and shared accomplishments in the years ahead. He emphasized the alignment of state interests between the two nations, which he regarded as conducive to addressing common challenges on the international stage. Acknowledging China’s evolving economic landscape, Putin drew parallels with Russia’s own developmental imperatives, reflecting the shared goals and aspirations of both countries.

Once ideological allies during the socialist era, China and Russia have seen their relationship evolve into a robust partnership, serving as a counterbalance to Western influence. Despite criticisms from Western nations regarding Russia’s recent actions, including the conflict in Kyiv, China’s steadfast support has provided Putin with diplomatic backing.

While China’s foreign ministry did not confirm whether President Xi Jinping personally conveyed congratulations to Putin, their close rapport has been evident in past interactions. Both leaders have lauded the depth of their personal friendship and the strength of bilateral ties, emphasizing mutual trust and strategic coordination.

As their countries continue to shape global affairs, Xi and Putin’s enduring camaraderie underscores the resilience and significance of Sino-Russian cooperation in an ever-changing geopolitical landscape.


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