Transition Council Chairman for Hawul Local Government Area in Borno state, Inuwa Bwala, has expressed concern over emerging trends in drug addiction with unconventional drugs gaining grounds.
He was speaking when he played host to the Area Commander for Southern Borno, of the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, Auwal Babayo Kumo.
Mr Bwala told the visiting NDLEA commander, along with his officers that, new drugs like “Gumm, “Soak and Die,” “Akurkura” and ethanol: all of which are not listed in the International list of prohibited drugs, are now common in the rural areas.
While calling for the speedy signing of the amended NDLEA Act, which may reflect such dangerous substances as an addition to the international list, Bwala said some of them are even more dangerous that cocaine and heroin or Marijuana.
He told the visiting NDLEA team that, Government is ready to collaborate with the anti drugs agency in discouraging the circulation and consumption of all non rated local drugs.
According to Bwala, gumm: a chewable local herb, with very high nervous and mental effects, is very common even amongst women, while soak and die, a combination of chemicals used for the preservation of corpses has gained currency amongst youths.
Akukura, also a local combination is common with drivers, while tramadol, has become a daily drug menu amongst labourers at building and other construction sites.
While agreeing with an earlier observation by the NDLEA commander, that many youths in Hawul have been exposed to these drugs, the council chairman called for collaboration with other Local Government chairmen 8n Southern Borno for the establishment of a rehabilitation center in Biu, which products could be ready intakes 8nto the newly built skills aquisition centers in the area.
He noted that youth could still be made useful citizens after exposure to drugs after rehabilitation and enrollment into skills aquisition centers, which are being built in all Local Government Areas by Governor Babagana Umara Zulum.
Leader of the NDLEA delegation Auwal Babayo Kumo had earlier briefed the council chairman that, he has been going round to introduce himself as the new helmsman in the area, and to seek for collaboration towards a planned public enlightenment campaign.
He said the area command of the agency has mapped out a multi pronged approach to the fight against trafficking and consumption of illicit and prohibited drugs.


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