COVID-19: Labour Party chieftain says inter-state border closures will hinder nation’s economy

Mr Isaac Wowon, a Labour Party (LP) Chieftain in Rivers, on Tuesday faulted the closure of inter-state borders by various state governments, saying it would block the country’s economy.

Wowon, a former LP Governorship Candidate in Rivers, made the assertion in Port Harcourt while speaking with Our Correspondent on the closure of various states’ borders to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus.

He expressed the opinion that the country’s economy was not strong enough to sustain a shut-down of inter-state
businesses, and the various incomes that were earned by various states due to the inter-state trade.

“We cannot completely block our economy. We don’t have a strong economy, our country is so much indebted, we have no food, so we must let the people cohabit to enable the states buy essential commodities and food to eat from their neighbours.

“Rather, I urge governments of the various states to establish checkpoints at their borders for medical teams to carry out a health check on those coming into the state,’’ he said.

Wowon commended Gov. Nyesom Wike for the proactive measures he put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

He said that it would have been much better if other states had taken the same measures at the same time with due consideration to curtailing the spread.

“I want to believe that this pandemic will teach us a lot of lessons as a country to realise that we have a lot to do concerning our health system and building quality health facilities for taking care of our people.

“The distribution of N5,000 stipend as a palliative measure to poor Nigerians will not be the solution to the pandemic facing us.

“But rather, we need to diversify seriously into Agriculture and other means of livelihood to save the economy of our country,” he said.

Similarly, Wonwo suggested that the movement of those living in the rural communities should not be restricted by security agents since they survived by farming and selling of their farm produce in the market.

“I urge all Nigerians to obey government rules of staying safe at home to curb the spread of the virus.

“I also urge government at all levels to put in place every necessary health facility to save the lives of the people affected by the COVID-19,’’ Wowon said.


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