Dark Clouds Over Boko Haram Defeat

By Yahaya WAKILI, Maidugur

Sect Attacks From Mystery Positions, Behead 15 Hunters, Kill 6 Soldiers In Renewed Ambus

They Are Signs Of Desperation In Defeat – Army

The one biggest wish of Nigerians is perhaps the end to Boko Haram terrorism. And so, when the President, Muhammadu Buhari announced the total conquest of the terrorists, and
the Nigerian Army corroborated with the takeover of Sambisa forest, most Nigerians were in a celebration mood. But while the story of the takeover of Sambisa seems to stick, the claims of the defeat of the terrorist has some dark clouds of doubt. Hardly had the euphoria of the dual news of defeat and takeover
died, Nigerians were jolted to news of the resurgence of the group in a new location outside Sambisa. Apparently to prove a point, they took the battle to soldiers in their operational base at Rann, and recently killed fifteen hunters. The nation is once more at a labyrinth, Nigerians do not know whether to believe the Federal Government or the Boko Haram terrorists over the defeat or otherwise of Islamic sect. Like a scene from the theatre of the absurd, the Federal Government, vide the Nigerian Army insists that Boko Haram has been conquered and their strong hold in Sambisa taken over, while the insurgents in a recent video claim to still be around and even threatening to unleash more terror on Nigerians. Many Nigerians believe that, the Army was in a rash to celebrate their conquest, even though Boko Haram may have been seriously weakened. Analysts believe that it was rather presumptuous for the Federal Government to declare victory, even when the insurgents were still carrying out attacks on some soft targets, especially in Borno state. The Army may have dismissed the video in which Boko Haram leader, Ahmed Shekau faulted their claims of victory as a mere propaganda, but recent event point to the fact that it is not yet Uhuru, as far as the Boko Haram menace is concerned. So far, there have been four incidents since that declaration, with very heavy casualties. In one of the incidents, fifteen hunters were reportedly beheaded by the insurgents in Borno State, while six soldiers, including a Captain were killed in Buni, Yadi, Yobe state, as Boko Haram stages attacks from yet unknown locations.
Soldiers, in Damaturu, the Yobe state capital, northeast, Nigerian state on Sunday confirmed that they lost an officer of the rank of Captain and five Soldiers to Boko Haram militants, who attacked the 27 Task Force Brigade located in Buni Yadi, one of the Boko Haram strong hold in that part of the state. While confirming the attack, Saturday, on military location in Buni Yadi, in Yobe state, the spokesman of 27 Task Force Brigade, Lt. George Okupe in a text message to newsmen said the attack was successfully repelled by the troops. According to Lt. Okupe “Buni Yadi came under attack at about 6:15 pm, but troops has successfully repel the attack. We cannot confirm casualty figure now but things are under control. Details will be made available to you as soon as we are done with all necessary clearance”. In the face of Shekau’s grandstanding and the attendant resurgence by Boko Haram, many Nigerians from the North East had to shelve the ideas of traversing for the yuletide. Others who managed to go home had to beat a hurried exit immediately after Christmas on the resurgence of attacks on the military in Rann and in Maiduguri. Although for the first time in several years, the yuletide was marked without the usual restriction of movements in the entire North East, the yuletide according to reports were devoid of the usual fanfare, no thanks to few
incidents that truncated the New Year mood in Maiduguri, which caused panic and sent people out rather unceremoniously. The Military has reassured of the safety of citizens even with the isolated incidents. And in the last few days, since the advent of the New year, the guns have remained silent and the bombs no longer exploding, but fear and anxiety still hangs in the air, knowing that in their usual manner, the terrorists may spring surprises from their new operational base. nationalTRAIL findings reveal that, the Military has taken full control of the hinterland, including the Sambisa forest, and a road is even being constructed in the heart of the forest to ease Military movement, but seem to have relaxed their cordons on major cities like Maiduguri, which gave many of the fleeing terrorists to penetrate. Many of the commanders of the sect are believed to have filtered into Maiduguri and are hibernating with accomplices; most have who have soft spots for them. As it is the Military has launched an internal search for those believed to be hiding within. Our correspondent reports that, the guns may be silent in the hinterland, but there are palpable fears within the towns that thousands of the insurgents may be the brains behind some recent incidents in Maiduguri in particular.


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