Disregard Obasanjo’s Comments on Nigeria’s Insecurity; Group Urges Nigerians

A Civil Society Organization (CSO), Save Nigeria Movement has described as hypocrisy and antics of a failed leader, comments attributed to former President Olusegun Obasanjo that the inability to combat insecurity in Nigeria is a choice of her leaders.

The CSO similarly noted with sad concern comments attributed to Obasanjo that Nigeria needs a mad leader to govern her effectively. This kind of advice is ill motivated and has no place in a democracy. Obasanjo dictatorship kind of leadership did not solve any of Nigeria’s problems and should therefore not be recommended as an option.

In a strongly worded press release signed and made available to journalist in Abuja by the Convener Rev. Solomon Semaka, the group wondered why somebody whose tenure was marked with several episodes of insecurity will suddenly turn around to crucify others for failing to combat insecurity.

“Nigeria under Obasanjo was a theatre of insecurity. The disruption of oil production in the South South, kidnapping of expatriates and the birth of terrorism in Nigeria were some of the sad achievements of President Obasanjo. It is therefore uncharitable for him to insinuate that the inability of the current administration to end insecurity is a choice”, the statement noted.

The CSO also castigated Obasanjo for failing Nigerians in his own time in the area of economic development, job creation and social amenities which are essential indices for peace and development.

“Obasanjo lacks the credentials to pontificate over Nigeria’s insecurity because he laid the foundation for everything that’s happening in the country now. He was a lawless leader who paid no attention to the rule of law or the separation of powers. He should be held accountable for his role in the Ife/Modakeke crisis, the massacres in Zaki Biam and Udi”, the statement insisted.

The CSO equally noted that even though Obasanjo paid lip service to corruption, corruption and embezzlement of public fund was a booming business under his watch as evidenced in the guise of privatisation and the sale of government properties and the handling of repatriated funds. This, the group noted was the begining of Nigeria’s problems and the root cause of all insecurity in the country.

“We challenge Obasanjo to come clean and tell Nigerians what happened to oil revenues under his watch. He should explain to Nigerians what happened to the billions made in the name of privatisation. He should explain to Nigerians what he did with the repatriated Abacha loot under his watch. If these monies went into developing the nation, we would have had a good economy and solid institutions that would have addressed our challenges as a nation”, the statement added

While urging him to be an elder states man deserving of the privileges he enjoys as a military head of State and democratically elected leader, the CSO urged him not be an agent of distraction and a puppet in the hands of some disgruntled elements.

“To whom much is given, more is expected. Nigeria has given so much to Obasanjo and it will be unfair for him to give back nothing in return. Instead of siding with enemies of the State, he should be offering solutions to the problems bedeviling the country and mobilizing his wealth of experience both at home and in the diaspora to make the country better”, the statement added.


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