Edo Assembly Majority Leader Reveals Reasons for Impeaching Philip Shaibu

Edo Assembly Majority Leader Reveals Reasons Behind Philip Shaibu’s Impeachment

During a virtual appearance on Channels Television Morning Brief today, Aiguobarueghian disclosed that Shaibu was impeached due to revealing the state’s security and financial matters.

Representing the Ovia North East I constituency in the Edo State Assembly, Aiguobarueghian affirmed that Shaibu’s removal followed the country’s laws.

The lawmaker emphasized that the allegations against Shaibu were proven true by the lawmakers.

Shaibu, the former deputy governor, was elected alongside Governor Godwin Obaseki in 2016. Both won re-election in 2020 after leaving the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) shortly before the election.

However, Shaibu fell out with the governor, who did not endorse him to succeed him.

Governor Obaseki inaugurated Shaibu in Benin on Monday, quoting Obaseki as saying the decision to make him his deputy came from God.

He said, “Why me? This was the million naira question l asked His Excellency Governor Godwin Obaseki when he gave me the surprise invitation for a dialogue about this job a couple of days ago.

“His answer was simple and direct: ‘God!’ He elaborated further: ‘I looked through my history books and discovered that Akoko-Edo has never served in this capacity. I talked to a few key leaders from Akoko-Edo, across party lines, and all fingers pointed at you. The ultimate decision, however, came from God, and l could not say no.’ These were the words of His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki, my namesake. A tale of two Godwins, you may say.

“Even though l was dumbfounded, l also could not say no for several reasons. First, my people of Akoko-Edo would never have forgiven me, if l had messed up the only chance God, history and ripe time have given them since creation.”


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