Edo needs young, brave leaders like me, Shaibu tells Edo South leaders

Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu, a strong contender in the upcoming Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial primaries for Edo 2024, today met with Edo South Senatorial leaders in Benin City.

During the meeting, Shaibu expressed his gratitude to the senatorial leaders for their attendance and stressed the importance of unity within the party as they prepare for the elections. He emphasized the need for a young leader like himself who can bravely speak truth to power and resist intimidation from the Federal government. Shaibu vowed to rescue Edo state and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from imminent collapse.

He acknowledged that the PDP was once a party of strong leadership but lamented that this leadership had been eroded over time, creating a gap within the party. Shaibu highlighted his leadership qualities and experience in government. He assured the party leaders that if elected, he would not repeat the mistakes of previous administrations and would work tirelessly to bring back the party’s lost prestige in government.

Shaibu promised the gathering that his administration would hit the ground running from day one. He revealed that his team was already working on various projects to make an immediate impact. One of his primary goals would be to initiate a rail project connecting the entire state to Benin. He also outlined plans to decongest traffic in the city center by constructing bridges. Shaibu emphasized that he leads by example and would actively engages with the people.

In terms of security, Shaibu pledged to collaborate with traditional rulers to ensure the safety of lives and properties in the state. He stressed the importance of a robust community policing system.

In response, Barrister Nosa Ogieva Okunbor, the Edo South Senatorial leader, expressed sympathy for Shaibu’s position as Deputy Governor and acknowledged the challenges he had faced in the state. He assured Shaibu that the people of Edo South would provide a fair playing field for all aspirants, as their main agenda was the betterment of the Edo state. Okunbor emphasized the need for unity among all the aspirants and their followers, urging them to avoid making derogatory remarks about one another. He instructed local government party chairmen to support Shaibu’s campaign as their common goal was to retain power and elevate the party to new heights.

Another stakeholder Mr. Orobosa Omo-Ojo at the meeting, including party executives, local government leaders, and other influential figures from the senatorial district, emphasized the pressing need for development in Edo South. They criticized the current government’s lack of progress and called for tangible projects such as health centers, roads, and infrastructures instead of superficial attractions like shopping malls. The stakeholders also stressed the importance of having leaders who resided amongst the people and understood their needs, rather than those who would govern remotely.

The stakeholders urged Shaibu not to forget the people of Edo South if he emerged victorious, asking him to ensure that development reached all 192 wards in the state. They commended Shaibu for his commitment to inclusivity and noted that this was a significant factor in garnering trust and support from party members.


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