EFCC ; Northern Group Cautions Tinubu Against Selective Investigation….Wants Akpabio, Tunji Ojo, Ameachi, Others Investigated By EFCC

By Lateef Taiwo

A group of Northern pressure group, under the aegis of North – East advocate for Fair justice has cautioned President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’ s administration to rise above ethnic sentiment in the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

Speaking with selected editors on Sunday, in Abuja, the group leader, Dr. Haruna Garus Gololo, said that ” we are calling on the Tinubu administration to revisit all the cases under investigation by the EFCC during the former President Buhari ‘s administration”

” There should be no reason while the president of the Senate , God’s will Akpabio, Rotimi Ameachi, the former minister for Transportation, Tunde Sabiu, Raji Fashola, the Minister of works, Zainab Ahmed, the former Minister of finance should not be investigated “
” We have seen EFCC chasing Yahaya Bello, the former governor of Kogi state, but Akpabio, who was deeply involved in the corruption in the NDDC as minister of Niger Delta has been left untouched, despite the alleged mismanagement in that agency that run into billions, but his not covered by any immunity “
” Edu was suspended from office as minister of humanitarian, the interior minister Tunji Ojo, whose company was used as a conduit has not been invited or suspended from office “
” It is in the interest of justice that Tunde Sabiu, a recharge card vendor who became stupendously rich with property in Villa, plaza in Kaduna be investigated, Late ISA Funtua son, who used the former CBN governor to launder money be investigated, otherwise Emefeile, would be seen as a victim of selective justice “
Fashola and Ameachi, should explain their roles in Buhari ‘ s administration.
Most of the Contracts Fashola as minister of Works awarded are either abandoned or revoked after the full payment of the contract sums”
” The Abuja Kaduna express has been abandoned, Lokoja Abuja has been revoked but the present minister of work, Umahi. Nigeria should be interested , how this contracts were awarded the beneficiaries, the amount paid, why they are either abandoned or revoked “
” Where is the Coaches Rotimi Ameachi, as minister of transportation went to China to pay for , what happened to the COVID 19 donations collected by Boss Mustapa, the former SGF , who was the Chairman of the presidential Committee on COVID 19? Remember he was invited by the Senate but he could not give account of how much donations he received and how much was expended, he only claimed the remaining balance was routed to the Central Bank through the office of the accountant General of the federation “

” The North should not suffer the sins of the ministers appointed by Tinubu, all of them have not performed up to expectations, except the FCT minister, Wike, because of the way and manner they were appointed. Except Tinubu wants to say he doesn’t need the North to vote for him again. He abandoned the Kaduna , Abuja express to award a coaster road contract from Lagos to Calabar to his in – in law. This the problem in Nigeria, once you become the president you begin to appoint your relations and family into offices . The Tinubu administration is a capitalist government, one year in office he has nothing to show “


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