FACT CHECK: DG NYSC Reported out of Context

…CSOs Caution Against Sensational Headlines

The Save Nigeria Movement(SNM) has expressed disappointment in the distorted reportage of the speech of NYSC DG, Major General Ibrahim Shuaibu at the 2022 Batch A, Stream II Corps Members in Ondo State.

In a press statement made available to journalists in Abuja, the Convener, Rev. Solomon Semaka expressed displeasure at the level of unprofessionalism of journalists especially those who are hired to tarnish the reputation of respected members of the society. “In all honesty, journalists should not turn to hatchet men for obnoxious purposes in the course of their duty” Rev Semaka quipped.

“It is appalling that people who call themselves journalists will descend so low to twist and misrepresent facts in the most cynical fashion because of their selfish motives without minding the harm it will do to the individuals involved and the institutions they represent”, the statement noted.

The CSO noted that the speech of the DG of NYSC delivered at Ondo Orientation Camp was nothing but a fatherly appeal to Corps members to use the social media responsibly and not to abuse it as many young people are doing. No mention or reference was made of gagging them against criticising the Muhammadu Buhari led administration.

“The Director-General advised the Corps Members to use the social media responsibly; in a way that will promotes national unity and integration. He further counselled them to guard against the spread of fake news which is a major cause of divisive tensions in the country . How does this fatherly and patriotic role translate to that misleading and injurious headline flying in the social media ?” The statement queried.

The CSO challenged those who feed on falsehood and over sensationalism to point out which part of the DG’s speech forbade Corps members from criticising the policies of the present administration. “They cannot point out any part because there was nothing like that both literarily and by implication after all”

Deliberate misinformation to heat the polity is dangerous and must not be allowed to continue in Nigeria’s media space”

“Nigerians must be united against fake news and misleading headlines that seek to sway public opinion and cause distrust in the country. Extant laws must be invoked to punish those who maliciously mislead the public and tarnish the reputation of public office holders”, the statement added.

While calling the DG of NYSC to remain calm and continue the good work he is doing, the CSO pledged to be in the forefront of the war against fake news and misinformation in order to sanitise the public space for quality service delivery.

“We as a civil society organisation will not rest on our oars to ensure that the nation is free of quacks and agents of misinformation who hide under the freedom of press to continue to harm the society and cause great harm to innocent people. We can even take legal actions if necessary”, the statement added.


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