Family Of Missing Mother Send ” SOS” To Police

By Ikhili Monday EBALU, Benin City

The family of Arabomen in Edenu near Irrua , Esan  Central local government of Edo state, have sent Save Our Soul to the Inspector General of Police over their missing mother, Mrs Veronica Eromosele .

The son Joseph Arabomen 28 years old,  said they have been waiting for their mother, Mrs Veronica Eromosele  to return  home but the waiting has been in vain.

She was said to have left home on the fateful day to evening mass at Sacred Heart Catholic church which is about 500 metres from their house at No 61 PZ Road off Sapele Road, Benin City but till date, her  where about is unknown.

   A distraught Joseph who was at the Edo State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) said he has formally reported the incident at the police and called for “save our soul”.

 He said “About a month ago, I was lying at home I was off duty from my place of work and around 4 pm, she (my mother) came out of her room and tapped me and told me she wants to go to church and that she wants money for offering. She took money from my trouser which I hung on a chair and left. When she got to the gate, our gate man also stopped her because whenever she is going out, our gateman normally stop to ask and she said she was going to church.   

 “I saw her entered keke to the church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church which is about 500 metres from our house. That evening, I prepared dinner before she came back because she told me to make dinner, I made spaghetti and left it in the dining room because she doesn’t like hot food and she is expected to close from the church by 7 pm but I waited till 8.30 pm and didn’t hear from her, I called her line and her line was ringing at home, I became apprehensive and I have to quickly inform my neighbour and together we went to the church at about 9 o clock but the church has closed. I couldn’t sleep that night so the next morning I went to morning mass with her picture to inform the Rev Father that I have not seen my mother and members of the church confirmed that she was in the church the previous evening but since that day till date, we have not set our eyes on her.

 “We stay at No 61 PZ Road off Sapele Road. I made a formal report at Etete Police Station where I was referred to state CID for radio control to all formations; I have also gone to ‘man around town’ which is a popular local radio programme in a radio station. The police did the radio announcement for three days and there was no positive response. DSS and intelligence services went around but no clue. They came to the house to take my statement; they went to the church to take the statement of the Rev Father so up till now there is no news.

“It has not been long she came back from Port Harcourt to visit my elder brother. I noticed that she has not been happy since she came back but she did not tell me any reason for her not being happy since she returned.

 “I have tried to reach all her friends that I know, we just moved to PZ Area we were staying in Aduwawa before so I have contacted all her friends that I know but nobody has any information about her. Her friends normally come to her house to ask of her, I have gone to her sister’s place in Oben, she is not there and she has not been seen. I am worried as we don’t know her whereabouts.

 “I have contacted the village more than twice, I have gone to her village, Edenu near Irrua to see her nieces and nephews and my uncles but she is not there, I have also gone to her village she is not there. She hardly goes to the village but anytime she wants to go, she will always tell us.

 “Our dad has been late for about eight years now. We want security agencies and everybody to help us because we are really troubled”    


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