Father Apprehended for Allegedly Beheading Daughter in Edo State

By Milcah Tanimu

Edo State Security Network (ESSN) operatives have apprehended Emmanuel Ovwarueso for the gruesome act of allegedly beheading his daughter as part of a money ritual in Benin City, Edo State.

The arrest occurred in Uteh, Upper Mission, where the suspect resided. Ovwarueso was found at midnight carrying the head of his deceased daughter in a polythene bag. Before committing the heinous act, he reportedly tied and gagged his wife, who was present during the killing.

The wife, whose name is currently undisclosed, revealed that her husband’s behavior had changed recently. He insisted that she no longer view him as a poor man and exhibited extravagant spending habits at his workplace, even telling coworkers that his financial breakthrough was imminent. Unbeknownst to her, he allegedly had plans to use their daughter for ritualistic purposes.

An anonymous member of the ESSN shared details, stating, “We saw him that Thursday night with a bag, walking so fast like he was rushing to catch a flight. We stopped him, but he resisted. We asked what was inside the bag, he said it was his food. So we searched the bag and found a human head inside it.”

Further investigations led the ESSN to the suspect’s residence, where they found the wife tied down. She confirmed that her husband had bound her before carrying out the gruesome act on their daughter. The authorities subsequently located the shallow grave where the girl’s body was buried, and it was immediately exhumed.

Emmanuel Ovwarueso has been handed over to the Nigeria Police, Edo State Command, for further investigation into this horrifying crime.


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