Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Staff Applaud Suspension Of SGF

By Ikhili Monday EBALU, Benin City

The victimized staff of Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital (FNPH)-Uselu who act as whistle blowers have applaud President Muhammadu Buhari for his suspension of the SGF Engr David Babachair Lawal.

In a press release made available to journalists in Benin city, and signed by Doctor Ambrose Lawani, former head Residency Training/Forensic Unit, Consultant Special Grade and others said, it appraised the bold move at sanitizing the system.

Lawani, said, “The suspension of the SGF Engr David Babachair Lawani is a courageous move to all intents and purpose for the greater good of our great country Nigeria.”

According to them, “The office of the SGF is a critical co-coordinating hub of government. The occupant of the office plays a crucial role towards fulfilling the Fundamental objectives and directive principle of state policy as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution; which include the “security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government” among others.

In our own case, “We were not fairly treated by the suspended SGF. In September 2015 we wrote a letter(“Another reminder of an appeal for your urgent intervention in the reinstatement of staff of Federal Neuro-Psychiatric hospital Uselu, Benin City, who are victims of corruption, injustice and abuse of power”)to President Muhammadu Buhari routed through the suspended SGF. The letter was received on 4th September 2015, and to date the letter was not acknowledged neither did we receive any form of reassurance from the suspended SGF.”

Furthermore, “The latter scenario emboldened our tormentor-in-chief Dr S.O Olotu,(whose tenure as MD of FNPH-Uselu expired on 20th March 2016,and yet he continues to sit tight in office to the consternation of staff of the hospital and the public)to escalate his acts of victimizing us.

Dr S.O Olotu used Mr Daniel Osadolor Efese an administrative staff of FNPH-Uselu to frame us in a matter that was stuck out by an Egor Magistrate Court in Benin in December 2015.Dr S.O Olotu also mandated the same Mr Daniel Osadolor Efese to break into the offices of some of us without a warrant. He committed this act of brigandage without our knowledge and in our absence. He photographed and recorded the act and carted away our belongings.

They pleaded with the Permanent Secretary Acting in the stead of the suspended SGF to give their letter dated 1st September, its deserved attention.


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