Governor Radda Restates Commitment to Developing Education


Governor Mallam Umaru Dikko Radda of Katsina State extends warm wishes to the citizens on the occasion of the International Day of Education.

The International Day of Education, set aside by the United Nations General Assembly, is celebrated every January 24.

This global celebration recognizes the pivotal role of education in fostering peace and development.

Governor Radda proudly emphasizes the significant strides made by the Katsina state government in the field of education, marking the state’s commitment to providing quality learning opportunities for its residents.

The Governor expressed, “Education is our topmost priority; it is the cornerstone of progress in Katsina.”

Under Governor Radda’s leadership, the state has witnessed substantial achievements in the education sector, which include:

1. Establishing Model Schools: The administration has dedicated efforts to build model schools, specifically catering to bright but economically disadvantaged students.

2. Aggressive Schools’ Rehabilitation: Extensive rehabilitation initiatives have been undertaken across schools throughout the state, ensuring conducive learning environments.

3. Robust Capacity Building of Teachers: Governor Radda recognizes the importance of educators and has invested in building the capacity of teachers in Katsina state to enhance the overall quality of education.

4. Massive Teachers’ Recruitment: A monumental step has been taken with the employment of over 7000 teachers, contributing to the expansion and improvement of the education system.

5.Reviving Scholarship Programs: The administration has successfully revived the scholarship board, providing financial support to deserving students and facilitating opportunities for higher education.

6. Foreign Post-Graduate Studies: Governor Radda’s commitment to developing the state’s education sector extends beyond borders, as students from Katsina state are sponsored to pursue education in foreign universities.
Supporting IDP Children’s

7. Fostering of Inclusive Education: Governor Radda ensures that even children in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps have the opportunity to return to school, fostering inclusivity and access to education for all.

On this International Day of Education, Katsina State proudly joins the global community in celebrating the transformative power of education.

Governor Radda reaffirms the state’s unwavering dedication to nurturing a well-educated and empowered society.


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