Governor Radda visits Songhai Farms in Cotonou

Move to Revive 2 Moribund Songhai Farms

Governor Dikko Umaru Radda has assured that the Songhai Farms’ centres established by the administration of former Katsina Governor, Barrister Ibrahim Shehu Shema, at Makera village attached to Zobe and Mairuwa Dams in the state, will soon be revived.

Governor Radda gave the assurance when he led some top functionaries of the Katsina State Government and Dr. Salisu Ingawa, the Former Chairman Songhai Farm Centre to the Songhai farm in Porto-Novo, Benin Republic, on Friday.

Radda, while speaking after touring the Porto-Novo Songhai farm, bemoaned the decay of the two Katsina Songhai models.

He however, pledged to resuscitate them, the reason he said necessitated his visit to Benin. “As you are aware, we have a similar centre built about 10 years ago by one of our former Governors. But the project, as I speak with you today, is in a very sorry state.

“It is totally dilapidated, and the place has not been put to full use for the benefit of teeming young men in our state. But as an administration desirous to changing the narrative of the farms, we decided to come back to the base.

“We want to copy the concept here. Because it is here that our students were trained back then. About 60 of them, specifically. As we are here now, we have seen everything. And by the time we return, we can be able to revive our Songhai farm centres.

“Because that is the only way our teeming youths can benefit from the investment that was put in place. A lot of tax-payers money were used to establish the centres. And it was conceived in such a manner that it can be useful, in terms of developing the economic fortunes of our Katsina state, and Nigeria in general,” he said.

Radda further noted that he and his delegation are particularly interested in learning about the management structure of the Porto-Novo Songhai farm centre, in order to effectively manage the moribund centres in Katsina.

“We want you to advise us accordingly on how to run the centre. And if possible, we can enter into a partnership on running our Songhai farms. This will entail that you help us develop it for a certain period of time, before our people take over.

While taking Governor Radda and his delegation round the farm, Father Godfrey Nzamujo, the founder of Songhai Farms, commended the Katsina Governor and his vision to revamp the Songhai farms in the state. He promised to support Governor Radda to actualize his lofty dream for their Songhai farms.


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