Guangzhou tightens control in wake of new COVID-19 cases

The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has tightened anti-epidemic measures in parts of the city to curb the recent COVID-19 resurgence, local authorities said on Tuesday.

The city had implemented closed-off management on the Zhongnan sub-district as well as 37 other locations and their surroundings.

The people in these areas must follow strict quarantine measures and stay indoors.

Strict management has also been enforced on some key areas where the cases had visited.

Gatherings had been banned and people were forbidden from leaving these areas.

In other parts of the city, residents were required to show health codes when taking public transport or entering public venues.

The control measures would be adjusted, downgraded, or lifted according to the epidemic risk assessment of these areas.

Guangdong Province, which administers Guangzhou, registered 11 new locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases on Monday, according to the provincial health commission.

All of them were reported in the provincial capital Guangzhou. 


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