” Halt Calabar- Lagos Coastal Highway or Else”



………….” The process is fraught With illegality , we regret working For Tinubu …Garus Gololo, A PC

A former Coordinator of Bola Ahmed Tinubu campaign coordinator has called on President Ahmed Tinubu, to halt the Lagos- Calabar cost Highway or face the wrath of the law.

Recall that that the project has continued to generate reactions since Atiku Abubakar, the former Vice president, accused the Presidency of awarding the project to CDK , a Company which Seyi Tinubu has substantial stake.
While the Presidency has responded to the allegations saying that ” seyi Tinubu ‘s son of president Tinubu is entitled to purse his business interest in Nigeria and around the world within the bound of the Law” in vein reference to the former vice president Atiku’s criticisms.
Dr. Haruna Garus Gololo, an All progressive Congress ( APC), from the North East has threatened to drag all the agencies involved in the contracts before the Court of law, including the presidency.
” Nobody is saying Seyi , the president Son is not member of the board of the CDK since 2018 or there about. Seyi is a young man who is doing well, but what is the profile of the company given such contract, have they ever execute any contract like that, even involved in building a bridge?”
Reacting to the development while briefing newsmen in Abuja, on Thursday, Gololo, further stated” The Contract is fraughted with illegality with so many questions to be answered, if BPE and other agencies involved failed to come out to shield more light on the process, we will approach the ECOWAS court, because, there are laid down procedures in the award of such mega contracts “

” Some of the questions begging for answers are , was the contract bidded for, did it go through competitive bidding, how company or firm bidded, was the Contract advertised in Newspapers, which newspaper “

Gololo, who lead a group of All progressive Congress supporters from Yobe, Adamawa, Gombe , Bauchi and Borno, at the briefing urged the Federal to suspend the project forthwith in line with the demands for probity and transparency in the award of the contract.
” We are calling for the suspension of that Contract, if you look at the road from Abuja to Kaduna, it has been abandoned, Abuja Lokoja, has been revoked . You spend four to five hours on a journey of 30 minutes from Ogoja to Calabar, why not make those roads motorable before embarking on the elephant project?”
” The project you talking about cover the budget of Nigeria for three years. How do intend to fund it, are we going to borrow another money to fund personal interest?”

” The contract is a misplaced priority and not properly awarded and condemned it in all ramifications”

Continue, the All progressive Congress supporters cautioned President Tinubu and his handlers against sycophants and praise singers whose stock in trade is to criticise government policy for personal gains.
” I watched Daniel Bwala, the former spokesman to Atiku Abubakar, defending Seyi Tinubu and the Company. The same way he defended Atiku , criticise Muslim/ Muslim ticket, he is back to defend the very Muslim ticket he condemned .
He is treading the path of Hakeem Baba Ahmed, when they are giving appointment they become quiet “

The group blames the president Tinubu for the criticisms that has continued to trail his performance in office Saying
” He is running a government like Mobutu Sese Seko of Congo, who appointed his children and family in charge of everything government. He has refused to assign responsibilities to the Vice president, Kashim. He only sends him on errands, funeral and condolence visits.
He has never presided over Council meeting unlike his predecessors in office, like we witnessed during Obasanjo/ Atiku, Ya’ aradua/ Jonathan and Buhari/ Osibanjo.”

” The vice president, for two weeks that Tinubu was away could not hold council meeting, but we are talking of governance, not anybody ‘s heritage, so the Vice should be given more responsibility because he deserves it”

Gololo said that today the North as a region is regretting it’s support for president Tinubu
” We are regretting, personally I am regretting why I worked and vote Tinubu” he said


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