“Is Scrapping VAR from the Premier League Next Season the Right Call?”

By Milcah Tanimu

The impending decision to remove VAR from the Premier League has ignited a passionate debate among football enthusiasts. Introduced in 2019 to rectify officiating errors, VAR initially garnered acclaim. However, persistent inconsistencies have prompted Wolverhampton Wanderers to advocate for its elimination.

Wolves assert that the marginal increase in accuracy doesn’t justify VAR’s detrimental impact on the game’s spirit. They call for a constructive dialogue on its future, emphasizing the need to prioritize football’s integrity.

However, for this proposal to succeed, it requires backing from at least 14 out of 20 Premier League clubs. While acknowledging frustrations with VAR, it’s crucial to weigh its benefits, notably its success in competitions like the Champions League and FIFA World Cup.

Yet, there’s consensus that improvements are needed, particularly in expediting decision-making processes, which often appear drawn-out, especially in the Premier League. The introduction of semi-automated offsides in the upcoming season offers a chance for enhancement.

As the decision looms in June, it remains uncertain which clubs will align with Wolves’ stance on VAR. While frustrations are palpable, finding a balance between eliminating errors and upholding the game’s integrity remains paramount.


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