Iwo community: Pandemonium as monarch reportedly on the run

By Stephen Olufemi Oni, Ilorin

The Oluwo of Iwo in Osun state, Oba Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, is reportedly on the run for his alleged abominable acts in the ancient Iwo town.

A statement by the National President of Oodua Progressive Care Initiative (OPCI), Dr. Maruff Olanrewaju, said the development runs counter to the age long tradition of undiluted respect always accorded Yoruba traditional rulers.

He said: “From time immemorial, the Yoruba Obas are held in high esteem and accorded undiluted respect, simply because Yoruba believe that all Obas are second to Eledumare (God) and that’s why they normally refer to them as ‘igbakeji Oosa’, meaning the assistant of God.

“It’s also the practice of the Yoruba, whenever there is a need to install a king, consult ‘Ifa’ oracle for guidance and direction in picking a good candidate for the progress, peace and harmony of the town.

“Immediately after installation of the king, he then become the leader in all traditional rights and custodian of the culture. His main assignment is to protect, sustain the glory and preservation of the town’s cultural heritages.

“Unfortunately, very unfortunate, reverse is the case in Iwo town because the so called royal highness who is supposed to be a cultural promoter and custodian of culture turned out to be a destroyer of the culture by trying to import foreign cultures into Yoruba land.

The OPCI President lamented that the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Rasheed, embarked on this shameful adventure a few years ago when he removed all the gods in the palace and also unilaterally changed his tittle from Oba to Emir, acting with impunity and daring his people and community.

According to Olanrewaju, the embattled Oluwo was the first monarch who engaged another monarch in physical combat, “when he is not Mikel Tyson”, adding that he is also the first Oba to go out of his tribe to the North for a marriage, just to ensure that in the future, Fulani can become Oba in Iwo despite being a living witness to the Ilorin/Afonja crisis.

He said: “The Oluwo happened to be the only oba in Yoruba land who openly invited the Fulani to relocate and settle in his town when others are rejecting them because of their evil works like raping, robbery, kidnapping and others.

“OLUWO believed he can do and undo, forgetting that he was installed as Oba with support of Iwo people. The reaction of iwo people will serve as a lesson to those in power who see themselves as thing gods.

“Suprisingly, I don’t believe Oba Rasheed Adewale Akanbi can run for his life as powerful as he claimed to be.

The OPCI boss, however, appealed to Iwo people burning houses or Palace to sheathe their swords and allow to peace to reign, saying that is not the solution since the palace belongs to the people of Iwo land and not to an individual.


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