Jafaru Sani, the ministerial nomination suggested to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu by former Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has allegedly been rejected by Governor Uba Sani.

By Lateef Taiwo
There are indications that Governor Uba Sani , of Kaduna state has realign with forces fighting his predecessor in office Mallam Nasir Elrufai, to sustain his continuous stay in office .

Reports have it that El-Rufai had informed President Tinubu of his intention to withdraw from ministerial consideration following the controversy associated with his confirmation at the Senate.

It was gathered that El-Rufai had nominated Jafaru Sani, who served as a commissioner, as his replacement.

El-Rufai had allegedly told Tinubu that Governor Sani was in support of Sani’s nomination.

But, according to sourced close to Sir Kasim House, Governor Sani rushed back from a trip to London on Thursday evening to tell Tinubu at the State House that he was not in agreement with Jafaru Sani as the replacement minister for El-Rufai from Kaduna.

A source said: “He has now told the president to expect another name.

“He complained that Jafaru Sani has no political relevance in Kaduna and has been too loyal to El-Rufai.”

Recall that El-Rufai had reportedly tackled Tinubu over his failure to scale through Senate screening.

According to reports, El-Rufai said he was willing to continue rendering support for the administration from outside, and his backing of Jafaru Sani was widely seen as an exertion of influence over Kaduna politics.

But with Governor Sani now pushing against Jafaru Sani, El-Rufai could find himself simultaneously beating back political assaults in Abuja and Kaduna, a source said.

“We can only hope Malam El-Rufai is not too surprised by what Uba Sani just did to him,” a State House source said about the governor’s countermove. “They clearly have some unresolved issues between them.”


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