Joeboy Opens Up About Wizkid’s Impact on Rising Artists’ Journey to Stardom

In a recent episode of the Body & Soul podcast, Nigerian singer Joeboy, whose real name is Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, opened up about the profound influence Grammy award-winning artist Wizkid, professionally known as Ayo Balogun, has had on the music careers of young artists.

Joeboy expressed that Wizkid has played a crucial role in inspiring and empowering young talents in Nigeria, instilling in them the belief that they can achieve stardom at a young age. His remarks shed light on Wizkid’s significant impact and the positive ripple effect it has had on the music industry.

In a revelation, Joeboy, the talented singer behind the hit song ‘Baby,’ shared that prior to Wizkid’s rise, it was challenging for young musicians to achieve stardom at an early stage in their careers. However, everything changed when he had the opportunity to meet Wizkid for the first time.

Joeboy expressed that the encounter with Wizkid left an indelible impact on him, igniting a strong belief within him that he too could become a star. This meeting served as a turning point in Joeboy’s journey, inspiring him to pursue his musical aspirations with renewed determination and confidence.Joeboy expressed his deep appreciation for Wizkid, highlighting the significant impact he had on young artists in the music industry. According to Joeboy, Wizkid played a crucial role in instilling belief and confidence in young musicians, showing them that they could achieve stardom at a young age. Prior to Wizkid’s influence, it was common for artists to achieve success only later in their careers. However, Wizkid’s emergence marked a shift, inspiring a new wave of young talents to break through and make their mark in the industry. Joeboy acknowledged the positive influence Wizkid had on the industry, particularly in empowering young artists to pursue their dreams and aspirations.In a recently resurfaced video from 2021, Wizkid openly expressed his dislike for music promotion and the entire process of press releases. The Grammy award-winning artist revealed that he prefers to focus on creating music rather than engaging in promotional activities. Wizkid proudly mentioned iconic tracks like “Ojuelegba” and “Holla at Your Boy,” emphasizing that he was able to create these massive hits by simply being in the studio and delivering what he knows his audience desires. He believes that his deep understanding of his fans’ preferences allows him to consistently deliver the music they love without the need for extensive promotion.The highly acclaimed African artist, known for his numerous awards, firmly asserted that he is not inclined towards stress and prefers to embrace a laid-back approach to life. Wizkid described himself as someone who enjoys “chilling,” meaning he values relaxation, taking things easy, and having fun. Rather than engaging in high-stress activities, he chooses to maintain a relaxed and carefree demeanor, allowing him to navigate his career and personal life with a sense of ease and enjoyment.


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