Kaduna Cleric Criticizes NEF’s Premature Election Threat

By Milcah Tanimu

Rev. John Joseph Hayab, former Chairman of the Kaduna State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has expressed dismay over the Northern Elders Forum’s (NEF) recent threat concerning the 2027 election. In a statement issued on Friday, Hayab emphasized that it is premature for NEF to issue such threats.

“It is sad to read that some members of NEF are saying the North will not vote for Tinubu in the next election in 2027,” Hayab remarked, highlighting his concerns about the timing and rationale behind NEF’s statement. He further underscored the notable progress under Tinubu’s leadership, citing improvements in the nation’s currency value as evidence of his effectiveness compared to the current administration.

Hayab pointed to recent successes in addressing insecurity, such as the swift rescue of Kuriga school children in Kaduna State, as indicators of progress under Tinubu’s leadership. He contrasted this with previous incidents where innocent parents endured hardship during kidnappings, emphasizing the need for collaboration with the government to address pressing issues like insecurity, hunger, and economic development.

Rather than issuing threats of non-voting in 2027, Hayab urged NEF to work collaboratively with the government to tackle challenges and foster progress and unity in the country. He emphasized the importance of elders offering constructive advice and promoting national unity, warning against divisive statements that could exacerbate tensions and hinder the nation’s development.

Hayab called on groups like NEF to prioritize the nation’s welfare and support efforts to build a better future for all Nigerians, urging them to refrain from actions that could sow discord and hinder national progress.


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