Kidnappings: CSO Commends Security Agencies, Call for Immediate Investigation of Gumi

Following the release of the abducted school children in Kuriga , the Save Nigeria Movement (SNM), a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) has commended security agencies for there efforts and critically advanced reasons why Sheikh Abubakar Gumi must be arrested and investigated for his notorious advocacy that suggest complicity in the festering insecurity in parts of the country.

This was contained in a press release signed and made available to journalists in Abuja over the weekend by it’s Convener, Rev. Solomon Semaka, the group argued that with the utterances and body language of the religious cleric anytime there is a kidnapping incident especially with his apparent support for criminals and rapport with bandits, it is obvious that the religious cleric has a case to answer.

Excerpts, “it is curious that Sheikh Abubakar Gumi only becomes vocal only when there’s an incident or attack and a hostage situation involving ransom payments. Recently, he resurfaced with the abduction of several school children in Kaduna and offered to negotiate with the bandits on behalf of the federal government. This unsolicited advocacy is questionable and it is obvious Gumi knows more than he is willing to tell Nigerians.

“His consistent argument that government is losing its war against the bandit abductors and, hence must dialogue them out of their hostilities is averse to the federal government’s position and clearly a decoy to lure unsuspecting Nigerians to give credence to the narrative of dialoguing with criminals. The Save Nigeria Movement stands with the decision of the president not to dialogue with criminals. And we are grateful to Mr President and security agencies for the successful release of the students within a Short time on the terms of the federal government.

The CSO noted that Gumi’s antics in the past, including his position that bandits should not be referred to as criminals has exposed him as a brazen bandit-sympathiser as well as a possible accomplice who is the public face of many bandits groups in Nigeria, adding that his idea of negotiation is a mere ruse.

“While the terrorists, bandits and Kidnappers operate from the trenches in guerrilla style, Gumi, however, stands right before us all, desperately trying to sway public opinion and sympathy in favour of the criminals. Gumi is clearly playing the role of a gatekeeper to these criminals and his invitation for questioning will bring a lot of actionable intelligence to the security agencies, the statement added.

The CSO also described Gumi as a man whose only motive to “lead a dialogue between the government and bandits is an attempt to collect ransome for bandits for self aggrandisement and not a religious duty towards promoting peace as he claims. It is shameful that Gumi has continued to hide under the cloak of religion to perpetuate insecurity under the guise of a religious leader and counselor.

“As an Islamic cleric in a region known globally for a high number of out of school children, Gumi who should champion calls for the release of innocent school children, rather choose to serve as a conduit for ransome collection. This is questionable and his invitation by security agencies must be prioritized to expose his role in the intricate web of kidnappings that has been going on in the country, especially in the North”.

SNM equally pointed out that, for a man whose close ally Alhaji Mamu Tukur is currently held by security agencies for terrorism financing, Sheikh Gumi cannot be said to be innocent until proven to the contrary.

“It is expedient that Gumi be invited, profiled and investigated to unravel his level of involvement with Mamu Tukur and others to ascertain His complicity in growing Kidnappings in the North. His recent unsavoury remarks following the revelation by the Nigerian Sanctions Committee regarding the designation of Mamu as a terrorist financier should worry all well meaning Nigerians.

“Another disturbing angle to his recent proposition is the surreptitious attempt to trap government into falling for prisoner swap in the course of negotiations. For Gumi, it is another subtle call for the release of Tukur Mamu his co-traveler and former aide.
The CSO insisted that all “groups or persons who are sympathetic to defiant actions that further weaken the country and constitute a mockery of our common goals must be stopped”


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