Lagos Prepares for Impending Rains with Drainage Cleaning Efforts

In line with its commitment to maintaining a flood-free environment, the Lagos State government has intensified its efforts to dredge and clean major drainage channels and canals across the state. Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, revealed this during an inspection tour with other top state officials.

“We are actively cleaning our infrastructure to enhance their resilience, and this will be an ongoing process throughout the year, employing both manual and mechanical methods across the state,” Wahab emphasized.

The government aims to address the flooding issue by implementing year-round drainage cleaning measures to control flooding effectively. Residents are encouraged to play their part by regularly cleaning tertiary drains within their vicinity. The ministry has consistently desilted and maintained various linkages to ensure efficient discharge of water through secondary and primary channels.

Residents residing in low-lying areas near the Ogun River are advised to prepare for possible flooding in their homes. The government remains committed to a cleaner environment and public health through community-based solid waste management, flood control, and environmental sanitation measures.

The multi-faceted approach to tackling flooding includes dredging, expanding drainage channels, desilting, and regular maintenance of drainages, canals, and collector drains across the state. Public enlightenment campaigns are underway to educate Lagosians on flood preparedness and preventive measures to minimize the impact of heavy rainfall on lives and property.

During intense rainfall, residents are advised to avoid flood-prone areas and stay indoors to minimize movement. Driving during heavy rainfall should be avoided if possible, and strict personal and environmental hygiene should be maintained to prevent waterborne diseases.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed about weather conditions through credible news sources and disconnect electrical appliances during heavy rainfall to prevent rain-induced electrical accidents. Additionally, children should be cautioned against touching electrical equipment when wet.

While humans cannot control rainfall, efforts can be made to mitigate its negative consequences. Residents are urged to report drainage blockages and unauthorized waste dumping to the appropriate authorities, thereby supporting government efforts in environmental management. In case of emergencies, residents can call 767 for assistance. By working together, both the government and residents can ensure a safer and cleaner environment for all.


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